A Guide To Moodle Migration – 4 Steps

Moodle migration

March 5, 2018

Moodle Migration In Just Four​​ Steps

Migration of​​ Moodle​​ from one server to another​​ happens very​​ frequently​​ coz latest releases are updated periodically. The reasons behind the migration are security concerns, lack of support from Moodle​​ and most​​ importantly,​​ the latest updates are far too upgraded than previous releases.​​ The recent Moodle 3.4​​ release come​​ up with some stunning new updates​​ for teachers, administrators and students. Moodle 3.4​​ release has improved the calendar management, participants enrolment, private files space etc. Migrating Moodle from old server to new server​​ can also increase speed and​​ performance, which improves the scalability of​​ Moodle to a new level.​​

Step 1:​​ Enable the Maintenance Mode

While enabling the​​ maintenance mode​​ on Moodle site​​ prevents any new additions or changes​​ made to the Moodle database. Maintenance mode enables the administrator​​ to leave the Moodle site inaccessible to the​​ public while development.​​

Step 2: Backup Moodle Database

Taking backup of Moodle database on a regular interval is a good practise. In case if you didn’t took back up of important credentials of students, such as contacts, fee details and enrolments can have colliding effect on results for learning management. Having backup regularly within a proper place can help in reducing the loss of important data. Disaster recovery plan for Moodle migration is a standard and best way to avoid any bad consequences.

Follow these simple steps listed for creating backups with mysqldump or phpMyAdmin.

Step 3: Copying Rights Directory

Copy the MOODLEDATA folder from the previous installation folder as a backup. If you are using Moodle v1.9, then it is advised to upgrade it to 2.1, then 2.2 to 2.5 followed by 3.0 – 3.4. The process eliminates the files from being corrupt in the process of migration.

Step 4: Editing the Configuration files

The last and final step of moving Moodle from one server to another is very important, where many steps needs to ticked out before you proceed further. File name: config.php editing is the most crucial step of Moodle migration. Firstly, you need to browse the codes to find config.php file and then update the credentials correctly. This is the most crucial step as most users fails to update the details correctly.

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