9 Tips – Why To Choose Video-Based Learning

April 3, 2018

Online Learning, the most widely accepted learning trend throughout the globe. Technological innovations have surrounded people so that gathering data is now on the fingertips. All over the world, we are witnessing the presence of videos based learning as the most dominant and effective method of eLearning.
According to Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.
What Is Video-Based Learning? Video-based eLearning defined as a method of learning and cognition to acquire knowledge and skills via video. With the evolution of technology, video-based learning is the most accepted and effective way of learning. Our today is witnessing the effectiveness of video-based learning technology, where a simple course or module explains by videos. In the lieu of gamification, video conferencing, leaderboards integration, video-based learning is clinging its root deeper enough in the eLearning marketplace. Why should we choose video-based learning?

If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, What is a Video Worth?”

9 Reasons Why To Choose Video-Based Learning

Content engagement – Demand of readers changes with their interest such as some users likes to read whereas some likes visual content. On contrary, it is seen that people use to engage more on listening to audio-visual content than a descriptive textual content. Microlearning – Learning and development team can prepare small sessions of courses where learners can get the course in small bytes of content. Implementation of microlearning has not only enhances the user interest in the course but also reduced the efforts in the development of long session of courses. Social learning – Numerous video sharing platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Slideshare etc. has made learning more comfortable and easy to grab. Training & Development –  Learning content on videos can be developed on-demand of learners. It can help in corporate training as the needs may change as per the role of employees. Reduces the cost of training by cutting the wedge of trainers. Live Sessions – Platforms like Skype or WhatsApp has made the interactions easy around the globe. Learners can directly communicate and record the sessions with trainers via live session and can consult for later references. Flipped classroom – A small demo of a session is more effective than a long elaborative session. Learners can go through the preview session before the training session, this will make them aware of the content structure and make them easy to understand the course. Instructor-Led Training – Learning through videos is not the All-in-One solution for a course. To make video-based learning more effective, it is essential to get an instructor who can evaluate the learners’ skills and modify the course session as per the need and role. Mobile learning – Widespread use of smartphones at Workplace and Academic institutions has made learning “On-the-go”. Nowadays learning content are much easily available on mobile irrespective of your location such as while sipping coffee at the cafeteria with colleagues, on a commute to examination centers, in the lease hours from workplace etc… AR and VR – Next big step among the learning and development technology is the implementation of AR and VR technology. Providing a 3D background technology for development and enhancement of learning through videos, not only increases the engagement rate of the learner but give a practical feeling through an artificial world.
Conclusion Video-based learning is like a chicken salsa, which will long last in your favorite menu of eLearning methods. This learning trend has huge benefits in which will serve the requirements more effectively and throughout the generations. At 3E Software Solutions, we personalize eLearning content in videos that crosstalks to your learning requirements. Contact us at- [email protected] to discuss how we can influence your video-based eLearning that could benefit your business. We 3E will provide different LMS Services as follows Moodle Support Services Moodle Upgradation Services Custom LMS implementation Mobile Learning Solutions [mk_contact_info title=”Contact Us” phone=”+91-7290 970 980″ email=”[email protected]”  company=”3E Software Solutions” skype=”Software3E” website=”www.3esofttech.com”]

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