3E Software Solutions offers Web and Mobile based software Development services with a primary focus on OpenSource Technologies and Platforms.

3E Software Solutions also offers a niche in implementing and supporting LMS and eLearning solutions.

Our Client Engagement Model



What is right for our Customer and their Customers


Technology Evaluation, Gap Analysis


Iterative Development through Customer Engagement



Ready for Business


Make our Customer self-sufficient

Our Value Proposition to our Customers

Fast R&D Cycle

With the associations of our Technology Partners we help our customers propose, try and implement a range of solutions, including the major functionalities like Search, SEO, Payment Integration, SMS notifications, etc. for eCommerce and Virtual Classrooms, Analytics, Student & Course Reports, Gamification, etc. for eLearning.

Quick Turn-Around

With our Experience and Subject Matter Expertise, we are able analyze our customers’ requirements and identify gaps quickly. We have also got proven experience in helping our customers with limited domain or technology knowledge, but with a business launch plan in mind, develop detailed requirements in the first place.

Fast Implementation

The depth of our understanding of out-of-box features and our insights of platform extensions and our attention to the details in developing solutions that are specialized for various demographic and geographic aspects make us stand out with short implementation and delivery cycles.

Our Core Values