What is the Best eCommerce for Moodle?

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July 17, 2020

You are an eLearning content provider, and Moodle is the Learning Management System that you are using to deliver your Learning Content. Now you have decided to take it to the next level – to make things simpler or to make things bigger for you – to bring in eCommerce frontend for Moodle to handle payments and automatic learner enrolments.

Now, the question is which is the best eCommerce platform for Moodle?

The answer is there is nothing like the best eCommerce frontend for Moodle, or one that can be made just for Moodle. The question boils down which the best eCommerce platform to go with, and the evaluation is the same as that you would otherwise be using to select an eCommerce platform to sell any products.

By planning to bring in eCommerce frontend to Moodle, you might have obviously thought of bringing the full power of eCommerce to Moodle platform than just the payment integration. If it is just about the payment integration, there are Moodle plugins available for some of the popular payment gateways which do the job for you.


  1. Moodle Paypal plugin
  2. Moodle Stripe plugin
  3. Moodle Authorize.net plugin

Here in this case, of course, Moodle still continues to be the frontend and it is just that the course enrolment is linked to the payment process. If you use a different Payment Gateway and the Moodle plugin for that Payment Gateway doesn’t exist yet, you may develop one such extension provided your team have the requisite skills.

So, taking eCommerce for Moodle beyond Moodle and Payment integration, let us try to choose the best eCommerce platform. And before we get to that, how did you arrive at the decision of choosing Moodle as your Learning Management System while there are so many other OpenSource and Proprietary LMSs including Cloud based options available. You wanted something cost-effective, feature-rich and supported by a big community. Right? If that is right, the same is the evaluation for the eCommerce platform for Moodle. Now, there are 2 popular options – WooCommerce and Magento, to be specific Magento 2.

WooCommerce and Magento 2 together tops the list of OpenSource eCommerce Platforms. There are still some comparisons be made between the two platforms but that is not the scope here now. They can be considered to be “equal competitors” in the game and that suffices.

So, now if OpenSource is your choice you have 2 options to go with for Moodle eCommerce – that is
1. WooCommerce Moodle Integration and
2. Magento2 Moodle integration.

Using any of these integrations, you as a eLearning Content owner will be able to setup your Moodle Courses on eCommerce as products and sell them attaching a price tag. The enrolment can be linked to the payment (order completion) and Learner gets enrolled to the Moodle Course. Moodle eCommerce SSO allows the Learner to login to one platform and access the other platform and thus make it all look seamless for the Learner.

The integration of Moodle with WooCommerce OR the integration of Moodle and Magento2 comes in handy for the eLearning content owners to do more with their eLearning content, and to make more money with their eLearning content. And, why not if that is possible? The eCommerce Moodle integration enables the eLearning content owner sell their Moodle Courses online to individual Learners and as well as Businesses with the support of Bulk Purchases.

If you think WooCommerce Moodle integration is the right option to bring in the eCommerce frontend to your Moodle installation, check out WooCommerce Moodle Integration solution from 3E Software Solutions here – WooCommerce Moodle Integration from 3E Software Solutions.

If you think Magento2 Moodle integration is the right option to bring in the eCommerce frontend to your Moodle installation, check out Magento 2 Moodle Integration solution from 3E Software Solutions here – Magento 2 Moodle Integration from 3E Software Solutions

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