How To Implement Blended Learning In Corporate Sector

Blended Learning In Corporate LMS

January 17, 2018

Corporate world has been chained on to the instructor-led format of training for more than a decade.

To get a better version of learning apart from Classroom training, Corporate sectors are adopting the blended learning methods of giving training and protocols to employees. Irrespective of the fact that method of classroom training is highly effective, but organizations confronts certain problems, such as ‘hospitality and logistics events in arranging the trainer-led sessions, the high cost of training, lack of repeated sessions, no continuous access to learning programmes and the list goes on’. To overcome these situations and difficulty, blended learning comes into action…

Q. What is Blended learning?

A. Blended learning is a hybrid learning strategies where both formal (traditional classroom) and non-formal (online courses) way of learning methodology combined together. The trend has been growing at an exponential pace after era 2K and is continuously running at a constant run in the near future.

Q. How blended learning plays its role in corporate training?

A- Here is a list of advantages of blended learning implementation in corporate training:

– Blended Learning Enhances The Efficiency Of Classroom Training

The inter-crossing of two ways of learning methodology decreases the time lapse of the training module, saves time for both instructor and trainee in the corporate settings. Trainees are assigned tasks to complete the certain portion of course module online likewise, basic concepts and theory. The difficult portion of the course will be explained to properly by the instructors. This methodology buys more time for the instructor to clarify their doubts and test their learning. Looking into the other aspect of blended learning, it can provide learners same level of knowledge, when they attend instructor-led sessions.

– Blended Learning Saves Time And Money

 Since the blended learning is a cross-link between classroom training and online learning, the time gets reduced in classroom teaching. Once the implementation of blended learning is completed in a corporate sector, the next job is to continue to maintain the courses and release new updates. The estimated cost of the classroom training spent is 40% on travel and lodging only, which is too high. Hence, the classroom training requires lesser time to be spent on in blended learning, which reflects in reduced training cost.

– Instructor based eLearning

In a group of people, no two people will have an equal amount of ability to concentrate on subject matters. In case if there is nobody who can monitor the trainee activities for a particular course, the aftermath of this will hamper the job both on qualitative and quantitative aspects. Apart from the monitoring purpose, learners love to have a human presence with whom they can interact verbally, ask their doubts, can play puzzles & riddles, etc. Henceforth, it becomes crucial for the company, not to drive a program of self eLearning in the absence of the instructor.

– Prime focus should be on course content

There is one common myth around the corporate training is that they do not update their course content regularly. Well, the new technology and content are elaborating their wings haphazardly so the content updation must be the prime focus of a company to work on endlessly. The learning technology tools used should serve the training goals, in spite of serving a show off to the new technological aspect of the tool. Secondly, learning technology tools should serve the training plan seamlessly and offer the learners an interaction based learning, tests, simulations and other exercises which can enhance the training experience on a broader range.

– Blended Learning Program must be developed based on Learning outcomes

 In order to make an improvement in your blended learning formats, the first thing to be considered is their outcomes. Learning outcomes plays a crucial role in the modification of blended learning programs, as it enables you to achieve the goals.

– Preferences of employees should be considered primarily.

 In order to design your blended learning format, it is very much vital to consider the environment in which your employees work. All employees won’t like to have the same format of learning formats as for e.g. grade D workers would like to listen to videos and instructions, on contrary grade A people would like to have a short session of videos compiled along with gamified modules. Thus, implementing the module as per the requirements of employees are very important as it will give a better learning outcome.

– Choice of Learning Management System

 If you are implementing an eLearning setup, it is very important to choose the best LMS for your blended learning strategies. Some of the salient features of implementing eLearning module in an LMS are as follows:

  1. Online course content available on both desktop or mobile.
  2. Schedules for the online classroom will be informed.
  3. Virtual classroom facility
  4. Chat-support
  5. Deliver pre-classroom learning.
  6. Exchange of knowledge can be done through social media channels.
  7. Online assessments can be conducted.
  8. Learning outcomes and feedbacks can be assessed.
– Moving your learning content on mobile

Speaking of the current scenario of today’s world, mobile has checked into the most requisite thing in the life of peoples. Looking into the useful prospects of the mobile in blended learning are as follows:

  1. Self eLearning at anyplace is possible with mobile.
  2. Set a reminder about the classroom times.
  3. Location-based learning is possible
  4. Sharing of documents and snapshots of material is possible
  5. No boundary for social media sharing.
  6. Applications based learning is possible.
  7. Instantaneous messaging through instructors rather than emailing.
  8. No time to travel and reach for internet connection as it is available on cellular or wireless networks.
  9. No geographical boundaries for mobile learning.
  10. A cheaper source of the learning system.
  11. Gamification in mobile learning can be incorporated easily.

A decent mix of learning designs goes far in bestowing successful preparation to your workforce, reducing the expenses and expanding the availability of training module. Follows the tips in order to make one the best blended learning programs for your organization.

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