Best Moodle eCommerce Integration, Moodle Magneto Integration, Moodle WooCommerce Integration
You are an eLearning content provider, and Moodle is the Learning Management System that you are using to deliver your Learning Content. Now you have decided to take it to the next level – to make things simpler or to make things bigger for you – to bring in eCommerce frontend for Moodle to handle […]
Subscription based courses, Sell Moodle Courses Online
As an eLearning business owner, if you have already thought of bringing in the eCommerce frontend to your LMS, it is a good leap forward. But, the game is not over yet. The game has just begun. Very soon you would realise you would need to support, and cater to all different needs as below: […]
LMS Security, Security Considerations in LMS
When did you last test your LMS against Security? Are you convinced that your LMS is secured enough. The job of LMS Administration is not complete with installation, configuration and rolling over the LMS application to the Stakeholders a Learners, Instructors and the Management. The real job starts once it becomes operational. There will be […]
Video delivery in LMS
What is in Video Delivery in eLearning? Video. When someone takes the word eLearning, by default more than 90% of us think of Video and Video based Learning. Such is the prominence of Video Learning in LMS or eLearning platforms. So, what is in the game? It may look like Video Learning is all about […]
Virtual Classroom Integration
The purposes of LMS Virtual Classroom integration are different though they all come under the same umbrella named eLearning. LMS Platform is meant for systematic delivery of eLearning & Training Content with all requisite Control, Monitoring and Reporting capabilities whereas Virtual Classroom is meant for substituting the Physical Classroom with Online Classroom, letting the Users […]
LMS eCommerce Integration
As the subject says it all, the integration of eLearning and eCommerce platforms enables bringing in the capabilities of both the platforms together in action. It could help an eCommerce business add eLearning Courses on to their business line, or an eLearning Content creators do more with their content by selling eLearning Courses online by […]
Virtual Classroom, BigBlueButton
What is an LMS? LMS offers the ability to track and manage learner’s progress throughout the course regardless of the fact that the course is delivered via instructor led-training or learning done by self. What does the Virtual Classroom platform mean? The virtual classroom is a shared online space where the instructor and learners collaborate […]
Content security, Copyright, Copysafe content
We have connected with many training providers and corporate businesseswho are selling their courses online for profit. One of the major business challenges which they are facing is the copying of content from their Learning Management System. Even the universities, colleges, and and all academic institutions are now looking out for a solution to secure their […]
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