Case Studies

Boab Boats

This case study explains how 3E’s LMS team worked with Boab Boats, a Boat Training and Licensing company in Australia to migrate their LMS system from a high-cost cloud-hosted implementation to low-cost Open Source platforms, to reduce the cost of LMS management and as well as to achieve better operational control.

Cookbot Recipes

There was a gap in serving people who wanted to search for recipes based on what ingredients they have instead of choosing a recipe and then procuring ingredients for it.

Most Recipe Apps did not have the option to exclude ingredients users did not want to include or were allergic to.

Aviation Training LMS

The Client is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Australia providing Training & Consulting Services on Aviation Safety. The case study explains how Team3E worked with the Client in transforming their offline and web conferencing based Training practices to a complete Online LMS Solution to achieve Consistency, Improvised Quality, and growth in the customer base.

Education Consultancy

This case study explains how 3E’s LMS team worked with an Overseas Education Consultancy in Bangalore (“the Client”) India in Planning and Implementing their Learning Management System (LMS) to meet the demands of job skills-based training to their employees to achieve a greater operational effectiveness

Talent Recruitment Company

With an ever-increasing number of mobile users and users wanting to look for jobs near their location, the client saw an opportunity to develop an App that connects Employers and Job Seekers based on location, where job seekers can search for jobs near their preferred location based on their skillset