How CopySafe is your LMS Content?

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May 20, 2020

Right click disable, restrict download

We have connected with many training providers and corporate businesseswho are selling their courses online for profit. One of the major business challenges which they are facing is the copying of content from their Learning Management System. Even the universities, colleges, and and all academic institutions are now looking out for a solution to secure their learning resources from getting public.

Yes, we know the pain and time consumption in developing content and organizing it in a way that is optimal for learning the key points. It is quite frustrating even to think that someone can come and copy the content without the owner’s consent.

Who are at the threat from content copying from LMS?
– Corporate Businesses
– Academic Institutions
– Training Businesses

Different form of content which can be copied in LMS
– Editable / Downloadable PDFs
– Editable / Downloadable DOCs
– Downloadable Image content
– Downloadable Video content

Frustrated and thinking

So, here is a question for all – Is your LMS Content CopySafe from being…
– Download
– Copy
– Conversion

Disabling the right click or keyboard shortcuts usage throughout the LMS.

With CopySafe Protection authors and tutors can share and distribute copy protected documents and e-books with Access to Read and View right only . Learning resources can be sold and delivered from any shopping cart or online securing against sharing and unauthorized redistribution. All round copy protection for all web content in an LMS with copy protection from PrintScreen, Screen capture or Screen recording is though a challenge. Still, a training business or a course merchant can sell their content with least no threat from being COPIED.

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