Corporate LMS

As the economy improves, so does the technology that keeps businesses running. This results in an ever increasing need for organizations to keep their employees up to date on existing technologies and to re-skill them on new innovations in technologies. For e.g. the Automobile industry has to reskill their engineers to the emerging electric vehicles with software systems. Then we have the Bio-Medical corporations having to train their employees with new research and regulations or the Pharmaceutical companies that have to train their employees with newly developed medicines. Any organization has to eventually deal with the prospect of continual learning for their employees.

We offer custom Corporate LMS Solutions using leading Open Source Platforms Like Moodle for a wide range of industrial and corporate applications.

Corporate LMS Solutions

Where are Corporate LMSs used?

Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety Training using an LMS has been increasing in popularity recently in higher-risk industries like Construction, Power etc. due to the huge cost savings associated with having an online system to handle the training of employees.

On-boarding New Staff

Our Corporate LMS Solutions help reduce the time-to-competence of new employees.

Sales Training

Sales training enables employees to be up to date on product / Service knowledge and enables online retail training in a cost-effective manner.

Compliance Training

Compliance training ensures employees are up to date with the required legal requirements and industry best practices.

Management Training

Our LMS Solutions support corporate training in Management and Leadership skills which can be applied for succession training, retaining top performers etc.

Corporate LMS Features


Gamification helps improve the engagement of employees with the training program. Our corporate LMS provides gamification features to motivate employees with rewards, certificates, badges, leader boards etc.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning enables employees to learn on the go on their mobile devices. It enables employee access to all the LMS features on their smart phones or tablets.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On enables employees to use a single login to access all of the required portals within the organization.

Web Conferencing

Video conferencing enables to train across multiple geographical locations. Our Corporate LMS solutions integrates with all popular web conferencing platforms like BigBlueButton, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts etc.

Custom Branding

Our Corporate LMS solutions are fully customizable to suit the branding needs of our clients. This includes custom logo, themes, colour schemes etc.


Various certificates and badges can be generated automatically by the LMS based on the completion status and score of the employees.


Our Learning Management System provides detailed analytics on all important aspects of the employee training workflow and allow for generating metrics about usefulness of the course materials and progress of employees.

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