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February 28, 2019

Do you know that now using H5P plugin in Moodle LMS, instructors can design and create more interactive Course content. The sole purpose of H5P (HTML5 Package) in the eLearning industry is to improve learner engagement as the Content is delivered or the as the Assessment happens.


In this blog, we are going to show how H5P interactive content help in augmenting learners’ experience as the Course delivery happens. So, let’s get started! 🙂

Learning based H5P Module types:

1) Slides: In a course, instructors can create learning content as Slides. Different formats of content like images, videos and text are supported in this Slides type.

2) Accordion: A vertical stack content of collapsible and expandable elements can be created using this Accordion type. 

3) Timeline: A timeline of events with useful information like date of event, text based information can be created with this Timeline type.

4) Chart: Two types of charts i.e. Pie chart and Bar chart can be created using this Chart type.

5) Image hotspots: Instructors can create different types of hotspots like text / image / video, or recombination of text plus image, or image plus video, or all three on a single image making the content interactive and thus delivering better learning experience.

6) Image Juxtaposition: This module can be used to insert two types of image events like before situation image and after situation image. Image juxtaposition can be used for comparison analysis of images.

7) Audio: Lecture recording, poems, songs are the most interactive mode of content delivery that can be created using Audio type.

8) Agamotto: Agamotto type can be used to create carousel for image contents where image blending is done.

Assessment based H5P Module types:

1) Quiz (Question set) : Using this Quiz type, question formats like Mark the text, True & False, Multiple choice, Drag and drop, Drag text and Fill in the blanks can be created.

2) Image Sequencing: Classification of an event based on the alphabetical / numerical orders or putting an event in the sequence can be done by Image Sequencing type in H5P.

3) Flash Cards : Identifying a component / particulars using images assessment can be done using Flash Cards.

4) Find Multiple Hotspot: This question type allows to create an image-based test where the learner has to find the correct hotspots on an image.

5) Memory Game: Memory Game assessment type allows author to add their own images (and optional text) to a memory game. To play the game, users search for image pair, which will display a specified text message once a matching pair has been found.

One thing to set off the bat is that there are many other types for Content and Assessment that can be created using H5P. There are approximately 30 different content material types, each with numerous alternatives. The list covered here does not represent an exhaustive list, but the most popular types. Of course, if you have developed or used eLearning content, you already know it.

The following videos may also be referred for information on creating interactive content using H5P with Moodle LMS.

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