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LMS Security, Data

February 27, 2018

LMS Security, Data Global Internet Usage – is the term used to measure the number of people who are using the internet. The most recent, April 2019 Global Internet usage sits at 56.1%. Meaning over half of the world has internet access this single piece of knowledge tell us- “How much hungry are we for the Information?” In the era of the Internet, no source of information is Google-proof. In this situation, it becomes very crucial to secure your confidential data. But the big Question arises: How can I protect my credentials securely?

Learning Management System (LMS) platform is one of the key repositories of confidential data for your organization/institutions. It’s like “Chirag of Alladin” for your organization, if breached, will cost your company like hell. Data could possibly be like – business processes and strategies, products information, employee’s details, production secrets, etc. which are vital information and stealing or destroying of these data could be cataclysmic consequences. For institutional purposes, data could be – Institutional Transcripts and Policy, Content management and deliverables, web-learning, etc.

In the manner to secure these crucial information, LMS platform must be secure enough to bypass these network gaps.

First, we must look into some grave challenges to the security policies for information stored in LMS.

  1. Authentication PoliciesIn spite of having an authentication policy, still your data are leaking means that one of your competitors has been able to successfully breach your authentication system. Inarguably, this is one of the major threat to an organization. To eradicate this problem, one non-partial safety manual must be implemented which is the same for everyone, whether it is an employee or owner of the company itself.
  2. Encryption of DataThe information and data center must “make use of” the encryption and cryptographic codes in order to maintain the security of the organization/institutions data. Encryption of data could possibly be by using – encryption lock for files and folders, watermarks in documents, secure audio/video contents (forbidden to download), domain whitelisting (URL restriction to site page), etc.
  3. Software Level SecurityMost of the security trespasses occur at the server level, so it’s vital to be secure. Different modes of server level attacks could possibly be Cross scripting (XSS), DoS/DDoS attacks, Integrity attacks, SQL injection, AES encryption, Packets capturing, Port scanning and Ping sweeps, Phishing, Firewalls, Virus chest etc. Precautionary measures must be implemented such as changes to access permission and privileges, forbidding unauthorized devices access, secure socket layers (SSL)/HTTPS protocols.

Again, one of the most notorious questions of a mind arose – “How”?

There are a set of protocols which need to be implemented in order to make a RED signal on these cyber-crimes.

  1. Protocol 1: SSL/HTTPS securitySSL/HTTPS override the data security protocol, by facilitating a secure connection between your LMS and browser. One of the most popular LMSs “MOODLE” follows this protocol. To overcome these challenges, SSL/HTTPS protocol must be implemented for all actions.
  2. Protocol 2: New ID Session – In case, if a new user is connected on the LMS platform, it will use the normal HTTP protocol for access instead of SSL/HTTPS. It must be a mandating protocol to generate new ID session when the login credentials are validated by the users.
  3. Protocol 3: Human verification: Hackers are writing heaps of automated codes for network access, login access etc. Codes generated are simulated for filling the pieces of information automatically. To disavow such activity at Sign Up process, CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) verification protocol is in use, in which a human verification is required to do the process completion.


 How are you implementing the security protocol on your LMS platform? Do let us know – [email protected]

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