How To Design Personalized Learning Management System

Personalized LMS

November 16, 2017

Personalization in LMS

If we see the current scenario of our learning industry, the growth is exponential and so as the technologies. Speaking about the facts then – The market of corporate Learning Management Systems is set to grow from being a $2.55 billion market in 2013 to a $7.83 billion market in 2018, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 25.2%”. School leaders and education professionals tout personalized learning as the future of eLearning industry.

In the lieu of learning management system, the personalization is a crucial phenomenon of eLearning because currently nobody wants to waste their costly time in getting a content which is having no use for their future; e.g. finding an article on topic – eLearning, you will be prompted with many articles on Google but analyzing the content in a narrow view will provide you with the best of the content for that topic. It’s a filter option in which you can segregate out the content on basis of your preferences.

Personalized LMS can be integrated into any classroom, with or without of the technologies. One of the most big-name LMS platform offer is Moodle.

Customization of the LMS platform is important as it is required by the student and corporate trainees for their learning and development on their priority.

Personalization in Moodle LMS offers:

  1. User profiling: To create a questionnaire on the general question to get users elementary knowledge of the subject, then be able to provide the user with learning content relevant to their knowledge level. Conditional activities feature is present which helps in user to do such content management.
  2. Site appearance: In Moodle, there are many plugins on which the appearance of a site can be personalized LMSlike as Front page, My Moodle, Navigation, User profiles, Course list, Themes, & Header and Footer.
  3. Moodle Mobile Customization: Moodle mobile app do provide customization by using remote add-ons, building a custom application, browser integration
  4. MindMap Format: Courses offered are more interactive and personalized along with some more features like graphical presentation, problem-solving session, etc.
  5. See Also: The element “See Also” can provide personalization by automatically suggesting learning objects to learners based on their current situation as well as successful learning experiences of learners with similar profiles in a similar situation.
  6. Survey settings: The survey questionnaires are classified a Critical Incidents, COLLES (Constructivist On-Line Learning Environment Survey), and ATTLS (Attitude to Thinking and Learning Survey).

Personalized LMS learning is an outstanding technique for engaging every student in your classroom and getting them anxious about learning. In future, it is going to be the face of eLearning industry.

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