Top 2 Moodle Plugins For Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

March 19, 2018

Virtual Classroom

What is a Virtual Classroom?

eLearning Virtual Classroom is a technology in online learning or teaching environment where people can learn in spite of their Physical presence. Currently, it is increasing its popularity at an exponential rate in education sectors, online training sectors, corporate etc. where learners’ and educators can engage with each other.

Why is Virtual Classroom so important?

When learner may not be available physically, eLearning virtual classroom allows both learners and educators to interact with each other in the live interacting arena where they can discuss, chat, analyze and many other activities where delivery of messages is faster. This technology is mainly used for academics and organizational pieces of training like Distance education, Corporate training, Induction training etc.

What are the uses of Virtual Classroom?

  1. Learners can join the session with their flexible timings.
  2. Learners can access the content anywhere in their geographic so it is flexible in learning.
  3. Content is accessible any time for those who don’t understand the session for the first time.
  4. It will save the travelling time and expenses of learners.
  5. Live on-demand interaction between educators and learners can be scheduled.
  6. Automated evaluation of students’ progress.
  7. Offers live video recordings.
  8. Learners can obtain the content through Smartphones, Tablets and other devices.

Top 2 Moodle Plugins For Virtual Classroom

  1. BigBlueButtonBN
  2. WizIQ


  1. BigBlueButtonBN plugin enables the web conferencing system for the learners’ who may not be always present at School, Colleges, Universities and Corporate Workplaces.
  1. BigBlueButtonBN can perform real-time sharing of video, screen, chats, slides, emoticons etc.
  1. The BigBlueButtonBN empowers you to make various types of activity links on BigBlueButtonBN session within any enrolled courses.
  1. Students are restricted to take part in any session until the educator joins.
  1. Generate a custom Welcome message which shows at the top of the chat window while user joining the session.
  1. Records and manages your session.


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WizIQ eLearning virtual classroom module is developed to deliver live virtual classes, training and web conference to the learners.

WizIQ enables features like:

  1. Single sign-on.
  2. Learners can Schedule and record live classes.
  3. Interacting with learners by using video, audio, live chat tools.
  4. Supports platforms like web-based, iPhone app, Android app, windows phone app.
  5. Access the information as quick and simple as possible like adding the content, class attendance etc. which is easy to administer.
  6. 24/7 customer support.

virtual classroom module

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Virtual classroom – In the present world is one of the most used technological innovation which has crossed the barrier of “Trainer presence in physical”. Technical expertise and functionality are evolving day-by-day for the virtual classroom.

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