We provide pre-implementation LMS consulting services to our Clients.

We provide expert advisory and consulting services on assessment of your eCommerce platform requirements. We engage our eCommerce Development team, comprised of eXpert Magento and WooCommerce Developers, to work closely with our Clients to understand their Shortterm and Longterm objectives of their planned eCommerce Site implementation and help you make informed decisions ranging from ‘Which Platform is the Right Choice for you’ to ‘Assessing the Technical Implementation choices with that Platform. This helps individuals and organizations who are getting started with their eCommerce site implementations but are new to eCommerce software (or eCommerce itself) or in ‘still evaluating’ the technical choices against their requirements.

Our Assessment services also serve the Clients who already have made a decision to build on the platform or have already built their eCommerce site. Our eCommerce Consulting Services help them understand all the options they have with respect to Design, Functionality, Hosting and Integration with other Applications (ERP, CRM, Multi-Channel Commerce, Cloud Storage, …), Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, …), eLearning Platforms for selling Online Courses, and Payment Gateways.