eCommerce Localization – The Need to Localize Online Stores

eCommerce Localization

October 28, 2015

eCommerce Localization

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For Online stores, the whole world is a market provided one has the ability to attain eCommerce localization to serve the customers in their local languages. This is backed by many studies which point to preference of customers to purchase from ecommerce sites that speak their language even though he/she speaks English as a second or third language. Hence, eCommerce localization is a sure shot and cost effective way of becoming a global brand.

A report by Common Sense Advisory, named “Global Digital Economic Opportunity Reaches US$45.1 Trillion—Addressable Through 116 Online Languages” very succinctly points out that to serve 80% of total online population one needs to localize in at least 14 languages and to reach 95% of the global online shoppers, as addition of 6 more languages. So what would be the reach if the eCommerce platform is only in English? The reach would be reduced to just 1/3rd of the market, truly astounding, isn’t it?

So what is that one needs to acheive eCommerce Localization?

– Product Descriptions, Catalogues

– Graphics, maps and images which contains text

– Currencies, time, taxes

– Date, time, addresses, contact numbers

– Product reviews

A word on importance of localizing consumer reviews, a survey revealed almost 2/3rd of customer buying online base their decision on what other customer’s say rather than the marketing copy, also a customer review creates nearly 75% conversion rate. Hence, it almost becomes inexcusable to not implement eCommerce localization and not to have this important buying influencer in the local language.

eCommerce localization can be achieved either manual or automated translation services. We also have plenty of eCommerce platforms that support multiple languages.

Magento is one such platform which is extremely popular because of its “easy-to-use localization system, which allows users to integrate multiple languages.” Using Magento language packs one can provide translation for static terms within the Magento eCommerce system, for text in navigation, buttons or links, for example, ‘Click Here’, ‘Exit’, ‘Submit’, or ‘Buy’. Anything further would like a localization expert.

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