Why is eLearning eCommerce integration required?

Magento Moodle Integration

From an eCommerce stand point, our solutions answer question “What cannot be sold online?”. For eCommerce business owners, who have already created MarketPlace to sell a wide variety of Physical Products and Digital Products, our solutions extend their capabilities to sell and/or provide MarketPlace for eLearning Courses.

From an eLearning or LMS stand point, our solutions answer the question “How to sell Courses Online, and get more customers?” You have great content that people want to buy so how do you get it to them in a way that is simple and painless. The integration helps the course developer to create and sell industry standard SCORM compatible courses using popular and robust eCommerce platforms with features like multi-currency and multi-store support, tax management, PCI compliance, detailed reporting on orders/sales.

The intricacies and the implementation methodology of LMS and eCommerce integration go beyond integrating LMS with Payment gateways. Rather, the integration revolves around getting the “best of both worlds” with Single-Sign-On (SSO) between the LMS and eCommerce platforms standing as one of the core features of the overall integration.

Who will benefit from our Services?

eCommerce MarketPlace Businesses

Enables them add Marketplace for eLearning Content Vendors, be it Individuals or Businesses

eLearning Content Developers

Enables them provide Point of Sale Platform for their Products (eLearning Content)

Training Institutions

Creates additional revenue generation channels through online customer registrations, delivering the Courses online or through blended learning practices

eLearning MarketPlace Businesses

eCommerce business with a vertical focus on providing MarkePlace for eLearning Content Vendors, be it Individuals or Businesses

What can be achieved through eCommerce eLearning integration?

We, 3E, provide the following eLearning and eCommerce integration services, through Web and Mobile as Point of Sale platform

Virtual Class Room (Online, instructor-led)

Offline Class Rooms (Physical Class Rooms)

Recorded Courses

Blended Learning (Offline and Online)

At an outset, eLearning eCommerce integration primarily implements the capabilities listed below and enable eCommerce Marketplace businesses onboard eLearning content vendors and Training institutions as Merchants, OR enhance the business ability of the eLearning content providers and Training businesses to sell their products and services online.

  • Account Sync between eLearning eCommerce Platforms (SSO)
  • Create SCORM compatible courses on LMS platform and sell them through eCommerce platform
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Course Validity

How do we Deliver?

  • Contact us to tell us what you would like to accomplish.

  • We’ll confirm our understanding of your request and email you a quote.

  • Upon your approval, we’ll build the site on our test server per your requirements.

  • You review the development on our test server and provide your feedback and/or approval.

  • Once approved, you make payment and we install the solution on your production server.

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  • Magento and Moodle integration
  • Single Sign On, account sync and course auto enrolment in Magento and Moodle systems
  • Create SCORM compatible courses in Moodle and use the shopping cart in Magento to sell.
  • Date validation of Moodle courses in Magento
  • Gift Cards


  • Integration of WooCommerce and Moodle
  • Single-Sign On and course auto enrollment
  • Payment gateways integration with Paypal, Pay U Money, CCAVENUE and PayTM
  • Auto course synchronization in Magento
  • User Analytics for both eCommerce and eLearning Systems.

Why 3E?

With the understanding of breadth and depth of LMS and eCommerce platforms, supported by rich experience of implementing standalone eLearning ecommerce solutions and as well as integration solutions, Team3E works with our customers to:

  • Select right eCommerce Platform to enable their customers access the eLearning deliverables quickly and conveniently
  • Choose a combination of eLearning eCommerce platforms that is scalable, and helps the long term vision of their businesses
  • Design and Develop customized integration solutions focused on rich User Experience
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