We provide holistic solutions for enterprise customers by enabling them with high-availability and performance-optimized Enterprise Deployment and Management for LMS delivery.

Our deployment and management services cover..

Moodle and Mahara Integration

  1. Mahoodle helps the users in which they can switch easily from LMS to E-PORTFOLIO or vice versa in a single domain.
  2. Mahoodle also helps the users in which they can export the content from Moodle to Mahara.
  3. If the users in Moodle are students then they can only view the courses. but after the integration, they can also showcase their achievements through Mahara.
  4. If the users in Mahara are some normal users. if they want to learn some courses they can easily switch to Moodle.
  5. If the users are created on the Moodle platform then automatically the users will be created on Mahara and they can easily roam into that site.

Moodel and WordPress Integration

  1. Integration plugin that allows you to import Moodle courses to WordPress by selecting ‘Synchronize Courses as Drafts’ following which courses in Moodle will be imported to WordPress.
  2. sell Moodle courses from WordPress by importing course data from Moodle and using PayPal.
  3. Users that register on WordPress to take or purchase a course get automatically registered on the Moodle learning management system.
  4. The WordPress Moodle Integration provides end users with an option to login to both websites with the same credentials. Also, when the password is reset on WordPress it is updated on Moodle too.
  5. Course categories can be created on the WordPress website. These categories can then be assigned to courses imported from Moodle using the WordPress Moodle Integration plugin.

Magneto and Moodle Integration

  1. Single Sign-On for Magento and Moodle
  2. Account sync option which updates changes to user details on one system to the other in real-time
  3. Option to choose between different classes for the same course on Magento
  4. The same Magento account can be used to enroll multiple students
  5. Compatibility with a Multivendor marketplace setup in Magento, where vendors can upload and maintain SCORM compatible courses and students in Moodle and sell them using the Shopping Cart system in Magento. This comes with additional marketplace management options including adaptive Paypal payments, vendor reviews, etc.
  6. Simple setup for setting up Moodle courses in Magento (via live synced Moodle courses on the product upload page using a simple dropdown menu)