Evolution of a new ERA – Mobile Apps in Learning

Mobile Apps in Learning

December 30, 2017

Speaking of this era – we are in the world of mobile apps. Everyone is fond of having new applications in their smartphones, so do I. Keeping the context in mind of the students, they are the younger generations and are truly interested in having new apps installed in their devices. In the era of mobile apps, the learning methodology is moving logarithmically on these applications, which are proving a true friend to the learners. In our age, we were definitely never fond of giving exams. However, if giving the exam becomes fun then why would not anyone give the exams? Yeah! You are thinking correctly. I am speaking about integrating the application based learning and evaluation methodology, the student will become more receptive and eager to learn more.

Today, there are approx. 3.4 million applications are floating in the web-sea, which means that many applications are there which could serve the purpose of mobile learning. AppBrain statistical analysis result – 11% of all app are categorized as education and Book & Reference. Numeral value of these apps would be approx. 0.37 million, which will increase on daily basis.

No, it will be a partiality to the readers if we do not speak about the features and flaws of mobile learning.

Why do we need a mobile learning application?

  1. Hand on experience of learning: It is well known that the device is portable and can be taken anywhere, wherever we want, so do learning. Course materials, eBooks, pdf, tutorial videos, ppts, docs etc. are some of the formats of learning methods on which mobile plays a crucial role in delivering.
  2. Ease to access: Putting your hand in the pocket and Yo! My learning resumes. You can download your contents and start learning offline through these apps whenever you find lease hour. “Net connectivity becomes a recessive allele in mLearning.”
  3. Blended learning: What is the use of teacher if everything can be read and learned from books? Yeah! Mobile learning does deliver the content but a trainer is too needed for the learning. Here comes the role of blended learning, where a tutor-based app delivers the training in the form of videos, audios, chats, email supports, etc.
  4. Multi-device accessibility: Learning methods can be transferred from one device to another with the same credentials used. Ex: You sign in on your tablet with your Google account and now you want to take the course on your mobile device, then you can access the same content using the access credentials.
  5. Bite-sized learning: Huh! If you are still thinking that mobile learning comes in large chunks of information, which is not easily digestible, then you are wrong. Information can be fragmented into small snippets and captions, which can be easily grasped by the learner.
  6. Geo-location sensitive learning: Making a learning content on a global scale is one of the tough tasks. Geo-location allows the admin to make content, which is personalized, authentic and relevant to learners based on their geographical location.

Looking into the flaws or misuse statements on mobile learning, then learners get deviated from the course to other applications for checking app messages, accessing some restricted sites, news feeds of social media channels, games etc. To avoid such things, it is very necessary to keep the attention of learner through an interesting and beautiful content coz there will not be people always for constant invigilation.

Most trending mobile learning application in the marketplaces are –

  1. UDEMY: It is an online learning and teaching marketplace, aimed at professional adults teaching. Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses which can be offered to the public in paid or free. They provide tools which enable users to create a course, promote it and earn money from learners.
  2. WordPress: It is a free and open-source content management system, which is available for both iOS and Android. The app provides all the practical functioning of the desktop version, which includes blog statistics, and reporting post and edit blogs, content optimization, and integration. You can even customize the visual look through various theme present in it. Push-notification feature is also enabled which notifies the user for news and updates.
  3. SkillPill: It is a mobile microlearning platform, which delivers the content to users in the form of short videos, aiming at the corporate training. You can choose the video from a wide range of library with some animated videos on various workplace education topics. Custom-made videos are accessible too.
  4. Evernote: “To-do” app – This is a mobile apps, which is a reminder, and sticky note application, where we can write the work to be done and can even set a reminder. Other than that, it can take notes, images and links can be saved, and even can sort out your work into multiple tasks. It can be sync automatically between devices, so you can take notes from anywhere and work on the project.
  5. BoostHQ: It is a content-sharing app that allows you to select who can see and collaborate on your content. This means you can design a course with a small, collaborative group of people, and then share it with your course audience of students, all from the same app. You can integrate BoostHQ with multiple different tools so you can work with whatever software you prefer

I am not an astrologist, but I can envision the future of mobile learning to be an asset in the eLearning platform. If we speak about the application domains, it is possible to be a tool in the corporate training, educational and academic institutions, scientific research etc. Nothing is constant in this universe and it is possible that some other technology will overcome the ocean of mobile apps and developments. Still, in the current world, the mobile apps is one of the dominant players.

If your LMS or eLearning platform is not *Mobile-Ready*, maybe you are missing on retaining your Learners, or acquiring new Learners. So, what is your Mobile Learning strategy?

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