Find The Odd One Out – Experience API Or SCORM

difference between xAPI and SCORM, xAPI vs SCORM

December 26, 2017

Picking out a right platform for their LMS solution lies in a dilemma if they don’t know about their actual needs. Yet, once your requirements are clear, choosing the right platform for LMS becomes a piece of cake. SCORM and Experience API/xAPI, are analogous to their characters as they both are different in their performance, but the outcome of the results are the same. Let’s have a quick look at the differences between the eLearning two main content standards.

Let’s me explain to you the differences between SCORM and Experience API/xAPI by a general way first. From 1990’s until today, the IT industry has buckled up their feet on tight. By that time, making a website was done only by HTML codes. Bundle of codes was used by developers to integrate into beautiful websites. Comparing that with nowadays, the website development is quite easier as now templates are developed on which contents can be placed. Imagine the SCORM as HTML method, on the other hand, Experience API/xAPI is WordPress to build a website using predefined templates. Overall, the results are same i.e. website development, but the path chosen is not similar.

Now we must look into the difference between TinCan / xAPI  vs  SCORM

scorm, xAPI

From the above table, it is crystal clear that Experience API/xAPI dominate over the SCORM platform presently, yet there are some limitations in the Experience API/xAPI platform:

  1. Tincan / xAPI won’t have a feature of improving the appearance or course content by itself. So if you think that using Experience API/xAPI have an artificial intelligence of transforming the course content in a more beautiful manner then please don’t expect that.
  2. Learning Record Store (LRS) do not communicate with the LMS platform, which means that you need to access the LRS database on different applications for checking the student’s activity log on particular courses.

Ultimately, the outcomes delivered by SCORM and Experience API/ xAPI’s are similar. Whichever standard you choose, the content of your eLearning course won’t differ too much. Both will allow learners to launch courses, bookmark and complete them, answer quizzes, and pass. That covers the major eLearning objectives for most users.

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