Importance And Benefits Of Corporate LMS

Corporate LMS, Benifits of Online Employee Training

March 29, 2018

Corporate LMS helps you deliver a range of online training programs to the employees. In an organization providing LMS for corporate training and learning opportunities for an employee is a very pressing need and keep them up to date with the latest technology. It helps the organizations to manage and track employee training endeavor by engaging their employees with training and development programs plus meeting their expectations by giving advanced training skills. clms

Corporate LMS Solutions are widely used in:

– Health and Safety training
– Onboard training
– Sales training
– Compliance training
– Management training
– HR solutions etc.

Here some of the essential requirements of Corporate Learning Management System

  1. Data Interoperability.
  2. Single sign-on.
  3. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  4. Hosting.
  5. Instructor-Led Training (ILT).
  6. Content update frequency.
  7. Course duration.

To get in-depth knowledge about LMS business requirement, follow our blog post –  7 UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS of Corporate Learning Management System.

Corporate LMS Features:

  1. More flexible & Easy to Use – Trainee can able to access the session at any time, anywhere with the Self-paced learning.
  2. Single Sign ON – An employee can log in any of the application with just ONE identity.
  3. Gamification –   Motivate the employees by offering gamified learning by using gaming glossaries like rewards, points, badges, leaderboards etc.
  4. Mobile learning – Enables the trainee to access the content on their mobile devices “Learn Anywhere Anytime”.
  5. Web Conferencing – Live video conference and Real-time sharing computer screen can enable to train around the various locations.
  6. Certification – After completion of training LMS tracks the employee progress and generates certificates, points, and badges.
  7. Reports – provide detailed real-time reports of employees or trainees based on their progress.

Benefits of Corporate Learning Management System

  1. Reduces the cost of training.
  2. Easy to analyze and track the employee performance.
  3. Corporate Learning Management System can boost their employees’ productivity more efficiently.
  4. Content updates on a regular basis.
  5. Mobile Access.

View our video on “9 Must Have Corporate LMS Features – Benefits of Corporate LMS ” below.

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