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December 18, 2017

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Leaderboard Integration In Learning Management System – In our school days, we learned the definition of Energy: “Ability to do work”, but for doing a work everyone needs a motivation. Let’s take an example- In case if a person is becoming fat then what is the factor which will motivate him to do work out. It can be anything like fellow colleagues, girlfriend scolding, to impress a girl, to be fit etc. Similarly, while working in an organization, it’s necessary to keep the learner motivated about the work. In this place, leaderboard engagement comes into role play. Leaderboard engagement has been employed in training for many years. Though you have to know how to use them efficiently in order to trigger friendly competition Or else, you may finish up with a bee-biting workplace rivalry on your hands. Applying it correctly, leaderboards have the power to supercharge employee motivation, engagement, and participation.

Give all sort of instructions clearly for ranking up

Employees must be given all sort of instructions for ranking up on leaderboard like- Awarding points based on their performance? The number of online modules or activities they successfully complete? Assessment scores? Be crystal clear about the parameters of the evaluation process and when it will take place. Reminders should be set on all desks about the deadline of courses. Underline the profits of dynamic participation and the rewards that top performers can expect to receive. In addition to that create an online tutorial, FAQ or guide that covers the main aim of leaderboards progress. Duration of the competition must be marked up so that “winner” needs to maintain its position.

Newcomers must be appreciated to be an active participants

How will you feel when you arrive late for a party and all stuff and events are finished? – “Feels bad”. The same rule works on the leaderboard in online training. Newcomers must be encouraged further about the upcoming events. If the upcoming events start again and everyone starts at the same time, which means they all have the equal opportunities. Choose for a “relative leaderboard” which shows employees their place in relation to co-workers in the same categories. The aim is to remove the odds between the employees so that they feel equal in the opportunities.

Personal perspective should be maintained

If an employee knows their competitors, it makes them more free-enterprise amongst each other. That is why it’s necessary to divide the leaderboards with online forums, social media, and other online platforms. This gives employees the power to interact with their fellow competitors, show off their accomplishments, and share feedback.

Other Gamification methods should be rolled up

An employee like to be more competitive while in their training sessions so they would like to receive monthly awards, badges, tokens, etc. which will keep them proactive. For example, just like a normal game where some unlockable events are achieved will make them motivated in the gamification patterns. Even they will bring some introverted participants to bring themselves higher on the leaderboard chart.

Learning objectives should be matching with leaderboard achievements

In order to give training to their employees and making the session interactive, the leaderboards are applied in the workplace so that a positive performance behavior is achieved with the desired outcome. For example, a task-based model must be completed by the employee to earn points.

Leaderboard must be updated on a continual basis

In case, if a top-ranked employee on the leaderboard for the current week, find himself on 5th ranking in the next-to-next week, it will definitely demotivate him from the competition. He will not be a participant in the competition anymore because of the carelessness in updating the leaderboard. Thus it is essential to update the stats weekly so that the competitors will be known about their position and will be active participants.

Feedback session

As the training is important so as the feedbacks too. Survey, polls, and votes must be done in a learning module so that the course designer would understand the hurdle faced by employees in the past and will rectify it accordingly. Employees must be asked about their honest opinions of the online course module, collect and analyze your data, employ it to make a game plan for future online training courses.

Opt-Out Alternatives

Probably, it is possible that you might not want to compete against your fellow employees as they are dearer to you. In these cases, there must be an opt-out alternative so that employees won’t feel embarrassed about the competition among their fellow persons.

Apply these tips to add this morale-boosting gamification mechanics to your online training courses.

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