LMS Data Migration for smooth and complete migration to a new LMS

LMS Data Migration

3E Software Solutions offers LMS Data Migration services to enable an effective and smooth migration from one LMS System to another. This service enable you to transfer content seamlessly from your old LMS system into the new one. A successful migration reduces the cost of entry to the new system while maintaining a stable user experience.

Who does LMS Data Migration services help?

Our LMS Migration services enable organizations to retain and migrate all active and relevant data as they switch from one Learning Management System to another.

Typically, the following are the most common categories of LMS Data Migrations. However, the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Proprietary LMS to OpenSource LMS
  2. OpenSource LMS to another OpenSource LMS
  3. Cloud LMS to OpenSource LMS
  4. OpenSource LMS to Proprietary LMS
lms data migration

There may be additional data that may need to be migrated to complete the overall process of switching from one LMS to another LMS. These details may vary from one Migration to another.

What are the typical activities involved in LMS Migration?

Activities involved in LMS Data Migration
Discovery Define the drivers. Be Clear
Planning  – Set out a Migration Plan. Do not be Ad-Hoc
Objectives  – Why are you migrating? Keeps you on track
Inclusion and Exclusions  Migrate what is needed. Discard or Archive the rest
Tools and Activities – Automation is included. Automation is not the Goal
Phased Migration – Enable Smooth Transition of new LMS from Zero State. Don’t Dump All At Once.

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