Employee training is a very important aspect of the success of the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Industry. Apart from the training required for the sales personnel, compliance training is essential for employees as the BFSI industry is one of the most regulated of all the industries. Training employees to adhere to the best practices and compliance requirements of various regulatory authorities is critical for the survival of companies in the BFSI sector.


Our LMS Offerings for the BFSI industry

The tremendous growth of Information Technology in recent years has impacted the way the BFSI industry conducts business. Coupled with the ever-changing regulations, employee training is continually evolving to meet the needs of the regulatory bodies.

Our LMS Solutions for the BFSI industry are specifically catered to address the needs of the industry. Our Solutions reduce the cost of training employees by leveraging various LMS features like web conferencing, virtual classrooms, video chat, etc. It extensive reporting features for compliance tracking to make sure that not even one employee is out of compliance and all the employees are equipped with the professional tools required to stay ahead of the competition.

Our LMS Solutions allow companies to:

  • Manage and track Compliance training
  • Identify Employee Skill gaps and target the gaps effectively
  • Deliver Learning solutions across different devices and platforms for On-the-Go Training
  • Ensure Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by developing a leadership pipeline
  • Engage employees using gamification and certification
  • Maintain data reports on training for auditing purposes