LMS Support Services Launched by 3E Software Solutions

October 26, 2015

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LMS Support Services are essential since LMS platforms have become increasingly popular given it is open source, offers ease of setup and encourages users to install and maintain the system themselves. Though many out-of-the-box solutions are well tested before release and are less likely to cause problems, addition of functionalities like extensions, themes etc. increases the likelihood of issues.

One of the major and most frequent issues faced by LMS platform owners is when they update/upgrade to a new version or install a new fix/patch. Even with extensive information provided by the platform developers, those trying to handle this issue on their own spend inordinate amount of time, and later money, fixing these simple issues. The need for a 3rd party LMS support services aimed at some of the major platforms has been increasingly felt in the market.

This was exactly the gap which was filled with the launch of LMS Support Services by 3E Software Solutions. (Click here to read the press release announcing the launch.)

It has been observed that many LMS implementations had stopped where they started, and many businesses, especially Enterprise and Commercial, find it hard to scale up their LMS abilities due to shortage of good technology expertise. Here comes our LMS Support Services, targeted at these users of LMS, particularly those employing LMS.

What LMS Support Services Entail?

The services offered include some common issues faced like theme customization and updates, site migrations, SSO (Single-Sign-On) integration, installation of blocks, modules, platform upgrades, installation of security patches, installation of performance patches, security hardening, performance optimization and other related services. Addressing different needs of the marketplace, the services are offered in three flavours – Free, One-time and Yearly contract, free support offers any of the above solutions, onetime but valid for a month with maximum number of support hours not exceeding 20 hours. Post this customers can avail a onetime fix for a cost based on the issue or sign up for Annual LMS Support Services which offers usability, technical and administrative support covering a whole host of issues.

Announcing the launch of the services, Faizulla Shaik, CEO of 3E Software Solutions said, “More and more people owning LMS platforms are finding it hard to spend time and resources to maintain LMS themselves. We plan to partner with them by providing high quality support services so that they can concentrate their efforts on building their brand, while we take care of the nitty-gritty aspects of maintaining and running their system”.

To know more, visit our webpage – http://3esofttech.com/lms-support-services/

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