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June 26, 2020

What is an LMS?

LMS offers the ability to track and manage learner’s progress throughout the course regardless of the fact that course is delivered via instructor led-training or learning done by self.

What does Virtual Classroom platform mean?

The virtual classroom is a shared online space where the instructor and learners collaborate to work together simultaneously. Usually they connect through web conferencing where instructors deliver learning content in different formats, as well as to implement collaborative and interactive activities.

LMS Virtual Classroom Integration

Virtual Classroom platforms integrated with Learning Management System (LMS) open up the power of virtual collaboration in real time. Virtual meeting and collaboration made easy with your classroom training, clients and partners training regardless of the geographical limitations.

Who will get benefits from LMS Virtual Classroom Integration?

– Academic Institutions
– Corporate Businesses
– Training Institutions
– Registered Training Organizations
– B2B and B2C Training Businesses

Features available in LMS Virtual Classroom Integration platform:

– Interactive Whiteboard
– Breakout rooms
– Shared Notes
– On-screen Annotations & Closed Captions (Subtitles)
– Shared Chatroom & Private rooms
– Live Recording
– Online Polls
– Webcam sharing
– Screen sharing

a) Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboard, Live whiteboard in Virtual Classroom, Interactive whiteboard in Virtual Classroom

Interactive whiteboard allows presenters to mark out text or section with different annotation tools like pan, pencil, rectangle, square, circle, text etc. This interactive whiteboard in virtual session can also be turned on to a multi-user whiteboard by the presenter at any instant which allows the members to interact within the whiteboard from their device screen.

b) Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms, Room management, Virtual Rooms, Meeting Rooms

Breakout Rooms in virtual classrooms are enriched with the capabilities such as;
– Creation of separate meeting room.
– Group enrolment to meeting with limited number of users.
– Add random users related to your project or class.
– Presenter can create as many groups as required.- Host can manage the setting like mute participants while joining, automatically join the meeting, allow users to join as moderators etc…

c) Shared Notes

Shared notes, Meeting notes, Minutes of meeting, Classroom notes

Shared Notes allows users to add Minutes of Meeting or notes from online classes in LMS Virtual Classroom integrated platform. Moderator can share the meeting notes once it is completed. Shared notes has export option where notes can be downloaded in HTML, Plain Text, PDF, MS -Word, Open Document Text (.odt) formats in the virtual session.

d) On-screen Annotations & Closed Captions (Subtitles)

Annotation, Subtitles, Closed Captions

On-Screen Annotation and Closed Captions (Subtitles) allows presenters to write subtitles for any video / audio based presentations. This feature could be helpful for learner’s who are deaf as the presenter can deliver the whole speech / summary into subtitles for them to see.

e) Shared Chatroom and Private Chatroom

Shared chatroom, Private chatroom, Public chat, private chat

Shared Chatroom and Private Chatroom – Learners can connect and chat with anyone in the Virtual classroom privately or publicly. This allows learners to interact with the team more conveniently.

f) Live Recording

Live recording, recording, recorded session

Live Recording of the meetings and classes can be shared later with colleagues and students within the Learning Management System (LMS). Recorded sessions of virtual meetings are saved in the profile of the moderator / host.

g) Online Polls

online polls, survey, collect feedbacks

Online polls allow moderators to collect feedback or suggestions from the attendee’s regarding the product or about today’s class and where to improve the virtual meeting with more interactions. Different types of polls are available like Yes/No , True/False, or Custom polls with many options.

h) Webcam Sharing

webcam sharing, video conferencing

Webcam sharing in Virtual meeting gives a feeling of talking with humans than just talking with blank screens. Learners can understand the lectures or virtual training sessions more interactively as they can observe the gesture of the presenter.  

i) Screen sharing

screen sharing

Screen sharing option in virtual classroom helps presenter to explain training sessions more interactively.

Virtual Classrooms are suitable for clients from the corporate and education sector. Virtual classroom application is a powerful tool that enables learners and instructors to collaborate, communicate, and learn Anytime – Anywhere using the device of their own choice. 

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