Magento 2 and Integrated Testing


November 20, 2015

testingWith the new Magento 2, developers have introduced the Magento Testing Framework (MTF). Magento 2 has integrated tests like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Static Testing, Legacy Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing etc. which in the case of previous versions, had to done using external testing systems or a dedicated testing team. The MTF closely integrates and automates the testing processes for these tests.

How MTF Helps Magento Developers

Magento Testing Framework is an Open Source cross-platform R&D project intended to help improve Magento’s’ Core products by automating their testing. MTF eliminates duplication in automated test cases at various parts of the application by using a data-driven approach.  MTF itself does not contain any tests; all tests are under the folder <magento2>/dev/tests/functional/ and MTF automates the testing processes.

The latest version is integrated with MTF for Functional Testing. Using the MTF, developers can automate functional testing of newly developed features faster hence resulting in frequent updates and better reliability.

The MTF is a full-fledged testing suite for the platform, in that developers can run either a single test or all the tests together. MTF can be used either in the Development phase or during the Maintenance phase. In the Development phase, developers can test new or updated modules or features (like for e.g. an improved search feature, a new attribute in the customer sign up form or a new tag for products etc.) and fix bugs. In the Maintenance Phase, developers can set up regular automated regression testing.

Apart from these regular testing integrations, testing and implementing of UI is also vastly improved. This has been achieved by decoupling the backend store logic from the front end store logic thereby removing the risks of breaking the UI functionalities present in the Magento 1.x versions.

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