3E Software Solutions offers Magento 2 Migration Services

What’s new in Magento 2?


Magento 2 has integrated automated tests like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Static Testing, Legacy Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing etc. which in the case of previous Magento versions, had to done using external testing systems or a dedicated testing team.



Customization with Magento 2 is also much easier with up-gradation processes made simpler than in previous versions. Magento 2 has also improvised support for HTML 5 and has a better CSS pre-processor. Themes and Layouts are improved and more streamlined.


Customization with Magento 2 is also much easier with up-gradation processes made simpler than in previous versions. Magento 2 has also improvised support for HTML 5 and has a better CSS pre-processor. Themes and Layouts are improved and more streamlined.


One of the featured improvements in Magento 2 is an optimized indexer with improved query speeds and page load times.


Magento 2 has now responsive out of the box – from the default theme onwards. The Checkout process is streamlined by eliminating the often confusing Checkout as Guest / Login / Create Account options.


Out of the Box, Magento 2 is 25% faster than previous versions. Client-side updates include static content caching in browser, image compression, use of jQuery, and RequireJS for better management of JavaScript and bundling to reduce file download counts

Can I Migrate to Magento 2 myself?

Magento provides a Magento 2 Migration tool that would help users to migrate product data, customer data, orders, etc. It would also help with the migration of CMS pages, store configurations, customer passwords etc.
Store owners can use the tool themselves, but the process is not straight forward. One aspect that has the possibility of creating problems is Extensions. When migrating, extensions may need to be checked for compatibility and possibly re-downloaded and configured from Magento Connect, or even may require a complete re-build.
In short, if you have made minimal change to the out-of-the box Magento on their site, you  could try to migrate themselves using Magento’s Data Migration Tool, but it doesn’t come without risks. If you have made changes to core files and extensions, it is recommended to sign up for Magento 2 Migration Services from a trusted service provider.

Our Magento 2 Migration Services

We have expertise in Magento 2 Migration from all Magento 1.x versions to the latest Magento 2 version. We provide migration services for the following data:

  • NProduct details
  • NProduct Images
  • NCategory details
  • NCategory Images
  • NCustomer details
  • NCustomer billing and shipping addresses
  • NOrder details
  • NCMS Content Pages
  • NTax details
  • NProduct reviews
  • NCoupon codes & Reward points
  • NSEO URL structures
Magento 2 Migration flow chart

We follow a phased approach with solid pre and post Magento 2 migration plans to migrate Magento 1.x sites and maintain data integrity.

What Magento 2 Migration Services do we offer?


We offer migration services of Sales data in Magento 1.9.x sites. Though termed as one of the most difficult aspects of migration, this would help customers in analyzing the sales trends over a period of time and also measure the impact of the migration strategy.


Order Migration involves migration of all order details like invoices, payment history, credit memos, shipping details, etc. to Magento 2.


This forms the core of the complete migration process. We offer product/category migration whereby all Products/Categories and their associated details like product attributes, images, prices, discounts, up-selling & cross-selling details custom attributes etc. are migrated to Magento 2 without any data losses or duplications.


Customer details migration is imperative as customers expect the data saved in an eCommerce site to remain there. Loss of such data would have a big impact on Customer retention. We offer lossless customer migration services which involve the migration of all customer details including billing & shipping details, user preferences, product reviews, saved payment details, customer profiles, order history, etc.



We offer migration services of CMS pages like Privacy Policy, Offer landing pages, blogs, etc. We also offer migration of the URL structure of CMS pages so as not to affect SEO rankings.


Duplication of content occurs due to improper handling of canonical and dynamically generated URLs during migration. We provide Duplicate Content Handling Services as part of the Migration so that Duplicate content is kept to the absolute minimum possible.



We offer redirection management services during migration. Search Engines would have cached/indexed the existing URLS over the period of time the site has been running which would have built up authority and reputation. In case of unavoidable URL changes, we offer expert 301 redirect management to keep the existing SEO reputation intact.

How do we deliver our Magento 2 Migration Services?

Contact us to tell us what you would like to accomplish

We’ll confirm our understanding of your request and email you a quote.

Upon your approval, we’ll build the site on our test server per your requirements.

You review the development on our test server and provide your feedback and/or approval.

Once approved, you make payment and we install the solution on your production server.

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