Magento 2 Release – What took it so long?

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November 18, 2015


The Magento 2 Release was being awaited for the last 5 years and finally it’s here.

Magento 2 Release Timeline:

10 October 2010: First announcement of Magento 2 release by the then CTO Yoav Kutner at the Magento Developers Paradise

23 April 2012: The team at Imagine conference in Las Vegas, showed a demonstration of their Magento version 2.0

31st October 2012: The team called a conference for developers where they specifically state information regarding version 2.0.

18 Dec 2014: Developer Beta

15 July 2015: Merchant Beta

17 November 2015: Merchant General Availability (GA)

What took it so long?

It took about 5 years for the Magento version 2 release of General Availability version after the initial announcement in October 2010. There has been no official statement from Magento or eBay regarding the delay in the release, but the Magento community has been abuzz with speculations.

Magento was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2011 and underwent a massive reorganization. Speculation or not, these reorganization efforts must have contributed to the delay. Following the acquiring by eBay, a few employees and management personnel also left the company, which might have added to the reorganization efforts leading to further delays.

There have also been speculations in the community about the ability of Magento version 2, as was envisioned, might have been deficient in being a truly powerful open eCommerce platform. This idea was summed up by a community member succinctly:

Embarrassing that it took this long? Perhaps. My *assumption* is that bringing Magento, Inc. into the eBay fold took a bit of effort and time, the X.commerce platform took a lot of effort away, and eBay have redoubled effort to get M2 to market. It would have been nice to let the community and users of Magento know this, but that’s only possible in retrospect. With all this time left “open”, nothing has emerged to “disrupt” the Magento ecosystem, indicating to me that custom, powerful, OPEN ecommerce is still a hard problem which Magento 2 is likely to solve even better than Magento 1.

Development went a lot more public when Magento decided to track it in GitHub, with contributors testing releases and submitting bug reports and issues, which when implemented, lead to more issues, adding to the delay.

Magento also had to go through reorganizing and consolidating the three development centres it had in Ukraine in the meantime, which might have contributed to the delay.

Development of Magneto 1.x themselves might not have been planned properly resulting in delays in the 1.x releases themselves.

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