Best eCommerce Platform – Why is Magento on top?

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November 4, 2015

Magento continues to hold its position as the best eCommerce platform against other popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce and 3dCart. It offers indications on the level of interest users have though Google trends are no reflection of the real market. The below Google trends are pretty revealing. These are worldwide changes in trends in certain countries like the US, where Shopify is doing better than Magento.

To go back to worldwide trends, why is Magento the best eCommerce platform in that segment?

What makes Magento the best eCommerce platform in the market?

  1. Magento is Open Source and hence free. It has a large community of developers who offer support.
  2. Magento is Mobile Ready. This is a defining feature with the growing number of shoppers using smartphones.
  3. One does not pay more when the business grows bigger with Magento. It does not penalize for growing bigger.
  4. It is easy to customize from the point of view of design and scalability. It leaves it to the developer’s imagination to decide what you want to build.
  5. Made for eCommerce with a CMS option rather than the other way round. (CMS with eCommerce plugins)
  6. Hosting Service is not tied to the eCommerce platform. This is one way eCommerce platforms bring in additional cost.
  7. Magento has options to integrate third party apps with no substantial cost or effort. It also features open APIs.
  8. Magento loads fast. Really fast. Page loading time is one of the most important criteria for the user to stay on the site and continue shopping.
  9. No extra effort on SEO as Magento comes inbuilt with SEO tools.

I left the best to the last. Some of the leading companies use Magento platform to run their online eCommerce business. Some of them are Harper Bazaar, Nike, Olympus, Blu Dot, Franklin, Fun4Kids, Rosetta Stone, Nicole Miller and Harvey Nichols.

That’s pretty good reason for Magento to be a on top.

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