Magento CMS Integration – Why it is required

Magento CMS Integration

November 18, 2015

Magento CMS IntegrationMagento CMS Integration is an important eCommerce site feature now that most retailers understand customers go beyond browsing and shopping cart functions. Customers would want to be inspired and reassured by others who have experienced the product. To satisfy this need, online eCommerce companies need to personalize content and engage the customer in form of a product review by an expert in form of a blog or a customer review. Magento CMS Integration allows eCommerce site owners to do just that.

Some early adopters of this idea like apparel, healthcare, and fashion verticals have started reaping rich dividends by engaging their customer by offering fashion and healthcare tips while shopping on their sites. A recent survey revealed almost 2/3rds of customer buying online base their decision on what other customer’s say, also a customer review creates nearly 75% conversion rate.

How do we implement Magento CMS Integration?

There are 2 ways of implementing Magento CMS Integration:

1) Option 1 – Use two separate sites; Separate Magento and CMS sites

Recommended more as a stop gap, the experience is not seamless with a huge scope for bad user experience. This is a way out for global companies doing a country-to-country rollout, wherein they need to provide the same set of product but with local user reviews.

2) Option 2 – CMS as a frontend and Magento as a backend.

CMS as a frontend offering Product pages and ‘Add to cart’ functionality, Page/Post/Custom Post templates, Page/Post/Custom Post database driven content, Search… Magento as a backend offering product – content, Inventory, Invoices, Cart/Checkout/Payment Gateway, Customer Accounts, Transactional Emails…

What are the advantages of Magento CMS integration?
Magento CMS Integration provides a great shopping experience with good and reassuring content. This is something a good number of online retailers do as it offers great customer experience with eCommerce transactional functions. From the development angle, this integration brings tons of features and plugins to make the solution smarter and accurate. Customization of the products and services can easily be done once Magento CMS Integration is achieved.

3E Services provides a customized solutions for eCommerce LMS integration

We 3E will provide different eCommerce Integration Services as follows
Magento Moodle Integration
WooCommerce Moodle Integration


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