Is it a RIGHT decision to Migrate Magento 1.x to Magento 2?

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April 19, 2019

Migrate Magento 1.x to Magento 2 Clearly, the Magento team aimed to enhance the Magento 2 version, focusing more on the UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience) and bringing out the platform for bigger enterprises. And there are a lot more improvements done than just UI and UX.

Magento2 Magento1.x to Magneto2

Migrate Magento 1.x to Magneto 2

Now, the big question is – “When should I migrate Magento 1.x to Magento 2?”. In fact, it is more of migration than a mere upgrade.

As it is apparent that upgrading a platform from one version to another demands huge planning over, to execute a zero downtime upgrade. Also, it requires constant IT support from an in-house and third party, if involved, and so it requires investment over time. While planning for an upgrade, it is crucial for you to know about the existing Magento 1 store i.e.

a) Is it running smoothly,
b) Does it have any problematic plugins and customizations,
c) Is it easy to generate order and revenue,
d) Is the payment process smooth for customers with secured firewalls,
e) Is the current version requires any performance optimization,
f) Is your current version of Magento is optimized for SEO,
… and more such details…

“Once you find your answers for these questions, it will be easier to draw out your requirements.”

In addition, you must also know what actually you are missing out from Magento 2. So here is a comparative analysis which will help you to know why should you migrate Magento 1.x to Magento 2

-> Technical Aspects

  1. – Much improved API availability
  2. – Supports PHP version 5.6+ to PHP7 which is far better than legacy PHP.
  3. – Native support for HTML5 / CSS3
  4. – Elastic Search implementation
  5. – In-site PayPal experience
  6. – Integrated video (PDP)
  7. – Full page caching (EE)
  8. – Minimal extensions for 2.0 than Magento 1.x [Many important features are now available out-of-box]
  9. – Advanced content staging
  10. – Responsive Admin Panel
  11. – Ajax based ‘Add to Cart’ functionality
  12. – Fresh new design in Admin
  13. – Customizable Data Grid for Catalog
  14. – Streamlined Checkout process
  15. – Same Payment & Shipping methods
  16. – New “Marketplace” than Connect Store in v1.x
  17. – Rigorous extension testing assured

    …..and more……

14 Benefits Of Magento 2 Over Magento 1.x

i) Improved Page Load Time

Improved Page Load Time

Improved Page Load Time

According to Google Page Data Insights, it is found that page loading time directly reflects on customer’s bounce rate. Magento 2 loading time is way faster, less than 2 seconds, thus giving a rich user experience over Magento 1x.

ii) Responsive and Search Engine Friendly

mobile friendly responsive design data

mobile friendly responsive design data for mobile users

                                                                         Image Source – Search Engine Watch

According to Search Engine Watch report, 74% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites. Magento 2 responsive front end design makes it accessible to all devices, making it more user and Google SEO friendly.

iii) Elastic Search

Magento elastic search - search indexing

Magento elastic search, solr search, search indexing

                                                                               Image source – DMurphy747

In comparison with Sub-Par Search (SOLR) protocol, Elastic search is way too fast and thus enriches the user experience much better. Magento 2 supports 33 languages and so elastic search will be reliable resource for Magento core developers in improving search experience.

iv) Streamlined Checkout

According to Kissmetrics statistical analysis – “ask for less and they will buy more”is the analysis where user do not like to enter more data every time while checkout process. Apart from being a registered user, streamlined checkout gives a faster checkout option for guest users too. It also streamlines the registered email and automatically checkout the product.

v) Add to Cart

✓ In Magento 1, every time when a product is added to cart then system reloads the page, increasing the checkout time and makes a negative impact over the performance, bounce rate, user retention etc.

✓ Imagine a situation when SALE is going on and page refresh happens for every bid process – even microseconds matter at that time, an issue which you can’t disregard.

Ajax Add To Cart is definitely the best possible solution where the cart page does not reload when product is added, hence offering better user experience.

vi) Easy navigation

Magento 2 is designed for best user experience where admin panel is modernized and simplified for a efficient management of online stores.

vii) Dashboard

Magento 2 Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Magento 2 Dashboard, Magento 2 Advanced Reporting Dashboard

                                                                                        Image Source – Magento

Magento 2 – Dashboard / Advanced Reporting:

✓ lifetime sales,
✓ average order amount,
✓ last orders,
✓ top search terms,
✓ most viewed products,
✓ new customers, etc.

Advanced reporting in Magento 2 gives out sales information, business output, keyword search terms on a single window.

viii) Product upload

Magento Product upload

Magento Product Tour, Product Tour

Animoto did a survey for US customer behaviour dataset – revealing that 96% of consumers find videos     helpful when making purchase decisions online.

Magento 2 guided tour helps new user to upload product through a simplified process step by step.   Now-a-days the most trending feature is to upload a product video tour

ix) Personalized suggestion

In an infographic from Invespcro – 53% of online shoppers believe that retailers who personalize the shopping experience provide a valuable service.

Businesses who are serious about their ecommerce stores will definitely like to analyse the behaviour pattern of customer and provide a personalized shopping experience for them. On-site customer footprints like product watch when discounts are available, wishlist and similar products, relevance of product as per last purchase pattern etc. are available to the merchants using Magento 2.

x) Compatibility 

✓ HTML5 , CSS3, MySQL are supported natively by Magento 2.
✓ JQuery instead of Prototype.js is supported by Magento 2.
✓ Supports PHP5.6+ to PHP7 than older legacy PHP.

xi) More Native Features

Magento 2 designed with a wide array of in-built features, less configuration and plugins uses – enhancing the platform stability. Currently, Magento 2 platform does not have as many third-party plugins as Magento v.1x

xii) SEO friendly

Magento 2 is preconfigured with rich snippets on catalog page which enhances the SERPs ranking in search engine. No duplicate content pages, Product images optimizations, Blog page for Magento store etc. makes the platform SEO friendly.

xiii) Mobile Friendly

✓ According to CIODive mobile marketing statistics, 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile phones. According to Sweor stats- 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.

✓ Magento 2 platform came up with new internal APIs that makes it suitable for both creating mobile apps and managing them. Magento 2 supports both REST or SOAP. Creating a mobile app with the new API can be easily done.

xiv) Integrations

Magento 2 is developed by keeping focus over bigger enterprise solutions, so third party integrations are available for Inventory management software, LMS, ERP, Accounting, CRM etc.

When will Magento 1.x will be outdated?

Although Magento community has officially announced that Magento 1.x support will be ceased on June 2020, so it is crucial to understand the fact that Magento 2 is a far better platform than Magento 1.x in terms of speed, reliability, user experience, SEO optimization, security, etc.

Most of the E-commerce stores have already started migrate Magento 2. For any assistance or queries about migrating to Magento 2, connect to us @[email protected].

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