Mobile Learning In Corporate Sector


November 8, 2017

Mobile Learning should not be merely described as learning content delivered or accessed on a mobile device. It should be viewed as a way to augment the learner by providing access to both learning content and support information, anytime and anywhere. Generally, the same training would be available across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, desktops, smartphones etc.) bringing the learners to learn on the device of their own choice. M-Learning has made it happen for employers to convey pertinent content to employees when and where they require it.

About a week ago, we had a post titled Game-based learning in Corporate Sector in which we promised to write another blog on “Mobile Learning In Corporate Sector”. Holding up to that promise, the blog is about how Mobile is changing the learning experience of employees. If you haven’t checked the Game based learning corporate sector already, go ahead and give it a look

What M-Learning Brings In Learning & Development Of Employees?

  1. M-learning brings out a right delivery mechanism for context-aware performances.
  2. Microlearning allows the content to meet the quicker demand without any content overload.
  3. It allows the employees to achieve learning on their finger-tips, which helps in reducing the waiting time to go through the hard-copy.
  4. It can keep employees updated on their leaderboard charts in spite of any location, and feedbacks can be posted to make them self-motivated throughout the training program.
  5. Mobile games with a pack of knowledgeable resources is a plus point of mLearning.


The vision of gamification in the corporate pool is – to engage participants in tasks and activities as they could earn points, rewards, token of appreciations etc. so that the interaction based learning is running continuously. Today gamification is widening its reach and sophistication. Task-specific training is deploying in the company, strengthening the employee knowledge and skills, encouraging a new version of employee etc. Mobile-based gamification tech will be able to provide a knowledge cum enjoyment on the same scale.

Interactive Videos

They bring on an interesting escalation to the old school methods of video-based training. Interactive or LIVE videos has flipped up the passiveness of video-based learning to an interactive and more effective learning experience. Integration of chat support is a plus point.

Instant Support

Application of mobile-learning in the corporate sector is one of the best things happened. An employee has been assigned a work can accommodate help from their colleagues in the shape of video ads, polls, or a mini-lesson. Mobile enhanced the convenience of getting instant support from any part of the world:

  1. First time getting trained.
  2. Seeking to know more about a topic.
  3. Attempt to solve a problem.
  4. When seeking to learn more about something.

When a mobile is installed with the RFID chip, it allows the device to transmit the device location to the LMS, so that the learning becomes context-aware. This feature delivers the appropriate content to the user at right time. The right information at right time is an effective way to boost the performance and productivity.


Use of mobile in the process of teaching and delivering content for a short-term learning activity, say Microlearning proven very effective approach in offering training. A very long training session dwindles the attention span and increases more distractions for the average learner, so offering training in a bit sized module with more self-driven activity is much efficient and productive.

Apps Based M-learning

Day to day, mobile is latching it up with more people, therefore it became a necessity to have an application which can fulfill the requirement of learning on mobile. Mobile apps for learning is now gaining a huge momentum and so, it can be used in formal training. Developing and configuring the mobile applications as per the training and user design mindset is very crucial and so performance support too.

Social Learning

Adult-learners enjoy to have a strong discussion and interaction across the globe on different topics, so it is essential to integrate the social media platform with the mLearning for a better productive approach in corporate training. Today, mLearning on social media has debarred the barrier of learning methodology by making it easier for learners to discuss, share, collaborate and learn through various channels. We need talents that can remodel itself with the change. mLearning allows many ways to support these talents. Consider mLearning as a part of your organizational development strategy.


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