What Will Mobile Learning Be Like In Next 10 Years?

Mobile learning

October 7, 2017

What is Mobile Learning?

The true potential of mobile learning a.k.a. m-Learning should not be merely described as learning content delivered or accessed on a mobile device. It should be viewed as a way to augment the learner by providing access to both learning content and support information, anytime and anywhere. Hence, both the learners and devices of today as well as the future should be considered to give a much more flexible insights on mLearning.

Innovation, for example, cell phones and tablets are a main thrust behind the versatile mLearning industry. An m-Learning platform is ubiquitous by its nature of portability, whether it’s a tech-savvy or tech-incipient user, anyone and everyone can be a mlearner’s consuming the learning content on their mobile – at a cafeteria, while traveling, or even waiting.


Statistical Analysis of mobile usage

Live statistics analysis illustrates that mLearning platform will be a 70$ billion industry by 2020. On a comparative analysis between mobile users and desktop users, 80% of people uses smartphones out of which 57% are having two digital media and 27% has only one smartphones whereas 14% users only access desktop/laptops. User’s statistics analysis says that 52% peoples uses mobile after waking up meanwhile 46% uses before they go to sleep. 5-year analytics states that there is an increase in daily mobile data usage time from 0.4 hours to 2.8 hours. Demographics analytics of age group in between 18-34 years illustrates that 97% are mobile users.

Mobile learning statistics


mLearning Interface

Well, smart phone and tablets keep on being more accessible and widely used, we now have a chance to capitalize with this pattern by expanding the pace at which we make eLearning accessible on these mobile phones. In academic institutions, the pattern of learning on mobiles has a drastic change, e.g. for increasing students’ appreciation for learning on their own, driving students to see a subject totally different to what would be the norm they would have done without the use of mobile devices, “just in time” knowledge source, ease-to-access in any courses, self-developed videos to support informal learnings, set-up innovative games for motivation of reluctant young learners, etc. Industrial and corporate sector users are also utilizing mobile devices for their training: Learning management system (LMS) platform. For example; Moodle is one of the finest user friendly learning management system, which has been successfully integrated within a mobile app. Not only this application is used in corporate sectors but academic and training institutions are also making use of this technology. Training via mobile devices offers some unique features which are lacking in general eLearning environment. As the device is portable for use, the training would not be a sit down once and be done with kind of thing. Different modes of information transfer are possible: text messages, chats, social media, blogs, games and videos, which are limited for general eLearning platform.

Insights of mLearning

  1. Mobile web usage has increased from 11% (2012) to 17% (2013).
  2. Android devices control 73% of the mobile learning market share.
  3. 78% U.S. white-collar employees use a mobile devices for their work.
  4. The market of corporate Learning Management Systems is set to grow from being a $2.55 billion market in 2013 to a $7.83 billion market in 2018, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 25.2%.
  5. More than 1/3 of teachers said they used a tablet or e-reader in the classroom.
  6. 80% of learners claimed learning would be more productive if it were more game-oriented.
  7. On a worldwide scale, revenues for game-based learning were around $2.6 billion in 2016. By 2021, those numbers are predicated to climb dramatically to around $7.3 billion.
  8. 73% of teachers access digital content from their handheld mobile device.
  9. The worldwide market for mobile learning will reach $12.2 billion by 2017.



It is expected that after some time, the mLearning will be a “must-have” knowledge for anyone working in an instructional program. Watching this, the technical expertise of personnel’s on using mLearning platform will increase tremendously.

If your LMS or eLearning platform is not *Mobile-Ready*, maybe you are missing on retaining your Learners, or acquiring new Learners. So, what is your Mobile Learning strategy?

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