Moodle Demo – Try It For Free In Three Different Ways

Moodle Demo

March 19, 2018

Moodle- it has changed itself into one of the most dominant Open-Source LMS platform in the world. There are three ways to try Moodle Demo for free – demo school, sandbox and cloud. Moodle aim to enhance the learning environment irrespective of the accessibility. Since it is a free and Open-Source product, no third party application is required to download the Moodle. Download the latest version

Well, if you want to try Moodle without any installation then there are 3 ways to explore Moodle in action. Our demo sites are Moodle Orange School, Sandbox and MoodleCloud site. You can access standard features in Moodle Orange School and Sandbox, on the other hand, you will not need to download Moodle if you want to host your website on MoodleCloud site.

Moodle Orange School Demo For Free 

  1. Roles: Manager / Teacher / Student/ Parent
  2. Age range: 8 – 18 yrs.
  3. Learning analytics plugin enables learning activities and student logs tracking.
  4. Courses are open for guest, which highlights the enhancement of new version upgrades.
  5. Course content are available for download from the learning site, providing an open education resources for the world.

Moodle Sandbox Demo For FreeMoodle Sandbox Demo

  1. Moodle sandbox enables a hand on practise on site; user can create, build and remove in this empty box to experience Moodle usability and functions.
  2. Demo site is like an empty box, where you can customize your themes, plugins, courses etc.
  3. Block editing mode – ON
  4. A complete demonstration of how to use Moodle in real is possible in Sandbox.
  5. Advanced features for developers in Sandbox are present, so the demo site is for experimental purpose.

MoodleCloud site Demo For Free

Moodle Cloud Hosting

  1. MoodleCloud is a server based learning management system, where courses are hosted on cloud.
  2. MoodleCloud packages and plans come with additional plugins and tools for engaging, fun and Interactive learning.


  1. Amazing courses
  2. Mobile friendly
  3. Scalable
  4. Web conferencing
  5. Custom certificates
  6. Monitor your site

To know more about Moodle Usability and Administration best practices, follow this link –

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