Moodle Integration With Google Drive And Microsoft OneDrive

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March 16, 2018

Being a key player in the LMS marketplace, Moodle is now expanding the open source technology for more advanced features such as payment gateway integration, chat support, open desktop etc. that is paying a great attention for the user experiences. In addition to this, Moodle has now shaken his hand with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive further for a more better and nice usability functioning.

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How does this integration work in Moodle v3.3?

The focus of this integration is to enhance the user’s experience by enabling quality rich features. The integration process focusses on mainly two scenarios:

  1. Users authentication (giving access to the system)
  2. Enabling access to Google Drive or One-drive files within Moodle login.

What are the benefits of Moodle integration with Google Drive / One-Drive?

The benefits of integration between Moodle and Google/Microsoft are:

  1. Single Sign ON: Connect the Google or Microsoft account once for all, and Moodle remember it forever. No need to add your Google/Microsoft credentials again. Embedment of Moodle resource from Google drive, which will encourage students not to leave Moodle to view it.
  2. User auto-enrolment: Enabling this feature gives you permission to enroll user from any one account.
  3. Importing of files: Integration has made it easy to import presentations, images, audio and videos from Google docs. Office 365 and YouTube into Moodle.
  4. Document sharing: Share the dynamic Google document (no static doc upload) by using a file picker. Microsoft one-drive upload feature enables Moodle to access files at any time.
  5. Documents security: Only students in my course can view and the instructor can do the modification with the content by providing special permissions while sharing the document.

What about One-Dive and Google Drive?

Firstly, the repositories of Google Drive and One-Drive needs to be enabled, then only users can access all their Google or Microsoft files from the file-picker screen in Moodle. The need of re-uploading the file in now no more required, as the files are now accessible from Moodle screen.

What is new in the UAC (User account control) setting?

Moodle, keeping in mind that the integration with Office or Google is not restricted to organisations that only want users to create their new accounts, but also enables authentication of existing users. The main advantage of this setting enables you to control over the user account created on your site, enabling them to login through their Google/Microsoft accounts.


To know more about Moodle Usability and Administration best practices, follow this link –

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