Moodle Support Services

We provide post-implementation LMS support services to our clients.
We provide Moodle Support services to make sure that your Moodle site is up to date with all Security Updates, is optimized for Performance and stay current with all the latest updates. We ensure that the industry best practices are followed by your team.
The Moodle Support Services, provided on an Annual Retainer basis, provide technical support to Site’s key personnel from Client’s team. The Support services include both Usability (Functional) and Administration services.

Our Range of Moodle Support Services (WHAT)

  • Theme Customization and Updates
  • Course Conversion Guide
  • Site Migrations
  • SSO (Single-Sign-On Integration)
  • Hosting Server Configuration
  • Plugin Setup & Configuration
  • Installation of Blocks, Modules
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Installation of Security Patches
  • Backups and Restorations
  • Installation of Performance Patches
  • Other Critical Updates
  • Best Practices and How-Tos
  • Tier-1 Support and Trouble Shooting
  • Role privileges management

Delivery of Moodle Support Services (HOW)

FREE Moodle Support Services

We offer FREE Moodle support which comes as a support package so that you can concentrate on your business and leave the trouble to us. The free support is valid for one month with a maximum of 20 hours of support.

  • Course Conversion
  • Site Migrations
  • Plugin Setup & Configuration
  • Installation of Blocks, Modules, etc.
  • Installation of Security Patches
  • Installation of Performance Patches
  • Health Check-Up
  • Answering Questions
  • One time website Backup & Restoration
  • Changing role privileges
  • Other Critical Updates
  • Suggestion on Best Practices

*All the installation/changes will be done on the Moodle system meant for development. No changes will be made on the production/live Moodle system unless it is approved on development.
*Administrative access should be given on both server as well as on the Moodle Dashboard.

One Time Moodle Support Services

  • Contact us to tell us what you would like to accomplish.

  • We’ll confirm our understanding of your request and email you a quote.

  • Upon your approval, we’ll make the changes on our test server using a replica of your Moodle site.

  • You review the change(s) on our test Moodle site and provide your feedback and/or approval.

  • Once approved, you make payment and we install the solution on your live Moodle site.

Moodle Annual Support Services

Our team will share and guide you on the industry best practices and trends to maximize the benefits of the Moodle platform and leverage Moodle to its best potential to suit your custom requirements

Moodle Technical Support Services include answering Queries, Understanding the Problem and Impact, Providing a Solution or Response, Reproduction of Issues and Call for Action after Preliminary Analysis

  • Installation of blocks, modules, update themes and other minor changes
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Health Monitoring, Logs Check (Smoke Detection), Server Status Monitoring
  • Security Patches Updates, Performance Patches Updates, Other Critical Updates (*It is very important to understand the need for every update and understand impact and make informed decision to go with that update or not.)
  • Automatic Backups
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