Role of Corporate LMS in Business & Training Organization

August 8, 2015

employee lmsCorporate LMS is important for the success of both the individual and the Enterprise as today’s business environment is both dynamic and complex with fast changing technology and business processes. Business and technological skills become outdated in a short time, hence continuous learning and development using a Corporate LMS becomes critical for the success of both the individual and the Enterprise.

Enterprises need to provide employees continuous opportunity to develop and remain an asset for the organization as individuals growth is paramount to the company’s growth. Some of the world’s most successful organizations ensure their employees have optimum level of skill, knowledge and attitude to the role they fulfil. This ensures an efficient and effective organization and offers greater chances of sustainable growth even in times of crises.

When external business or technological environment changes, those organizations that understand, learn and develop corresponding skills will stay relevant, which means people in the organization need to learn, update and grow.

Learning in Enterprises mean balance between work and learning, learning methods should involve minimum of traditional classroom and more of online-based activities also connection between learning and performance need to be firmly established.

Hence Learning Management Systems becomes an important tool for L&D departments to allow multiple internal and external course creators to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind. Corporate LMS products and software ensures organizations develop electronic coursework, deliver it to employees anywhere in the world and allow them to access it any time/any place on any device and manage its continued use over a period of time.

Corporate LMS for Enterprises

For an enterprise, Corporate LMS helps deliver training more easily and track employees progress in real-time. Most of the Corporate LMS are so easy that tutors can create courses within minutes using content editors and upload related files. They can also discover employee’s progress in real-time, create on-line assessments to gauge what has been learnt and help develop better training content. In comparison to traditional classroom approach, Corporate LMS systems provide learning opportunities on a low budget, and helps save on printing and distribution costs of course material and assessment fees. Most importantly Corporate LMS ensures no man-days are lost due to training.

Corporate LMS for Employees

For the employee, Corporate LMS offers a streamlined learning interface that enables them to learn at their own pace, they can even engage with their peers when studying and contact the tutor for any further information/clarifications.

More and more companies are adopting Corporate LMS as is reflected in numbers. LMS market is over $2.5 billion, growing at a rate of 21% and is expected to be at $7.8 billion by 2018. Some of the leading LMSs are, Moodle, Edmondo, Blackboard, SumTotal and Skillsoft.

For more information view our video on “9 Must Have Corporate LMS Features – Benefits of Corporate LMS ” below.

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