How to Sell eLearning Courses on Magento?

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March 20, 2018

Do you have an operational Magento eCommerce Website? Now you are thinking of selling eLearning Courses on your existing Website, but not sure, what it takes……………

Business never says standstill, it should never, and so maybe your case. If you have an opportunity to expand your eCommerce business beyond selling Physical and Digital products, and that opportunity is about selling eLearning content, there is an important question in front of you – “How do I do it? And what do payment, order approval and delivery mean to eLearning content in the context of eCommerce?” So, what are the things that are common between selling physical products and virtual products,  and what are the things that stand different?


Your decision to choose Magento as an eCommerce platform unfolds that you have already performed a successful evaluation in choosing your eCommerce platform. As a powerful eCommerce platform, Magento not just offers the plain out-of-box eCommerce capabilities, but offers a wide range of abilities in augmenting its functionality through extensions and integrations with many on-premise and cloud-based applications. In addition, not just that, Magento enables you to sell not just physical products but more, a total of 6 types, including Digital and Virtual products. So, bringing in the ability to sell eLearning content (of yours or your Partner’s) is employing a solution that lists your eLearning content as Virtual Products on your Magento Website, and linking them to the platform that hosts your eLearning Content, typically an LMS platform.

By devising the features of Magento and the LMS in an effective way, you will be able to build the comprehensive solution, for example, bundling a course package, be able to offer different discounts, buying the courses for others, and many more, and it is not just about the payment part. A successful order completion on Magento enrolls your Buyer (or the Learners) on to LMS platform and then perform the activities as per the outline of the Course. With Magento serving you as a frontend to list and sell your eLearning courses, you can unlock new possibilities with your eCommerce website, selling your courses or your Partner courses or establish an eLearning Marketplace platform.

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WooCommerce Moodle Integration
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