How to Sell MooC Courses Online?

sell MOOC courses online

March 20, 2018

Are you a developer of MOOC Courses, and wondering how to sell your courses online? Are you thinking beyond the options to host the courses on public online learning platforms? Well, there are some possible solutions for you. As a MOOC developer, your ultimate objective is to make money, well more money if possible through the courses that you develop.


Often it is a possibility that you tie up with other partners and online learning platforms in monetizing your Courses. Well, that is, the quickest option. Moreover, if you want to know what more you can do with your courses, including building and promoting your own brand, there are options for you. Learning Management System (LMS) may need no introduction to you if you are already dealing with the eLearning world. BUT, the interesting thing for you would be to understand the specifics about what these LMS systems can do for you, a MOOC developer.

Learning Management Systems offer a wide range of features in hosting and delivering MOOC courses, including handling Assessments and many more functionalities. Listing them here is not something that we want to highlight. Given that you know how to deliver eLearning content on any leading LMS platform, that you can host and manage on your own, the next questions that you need to deal with is – How do I sell MOOC courses online?”. The answer is that this can be achieved through the seamless integration of LMS with an eCommerce platform. This helps you do more with your eLearning courses, offering a greater flexibility in customizing your delivery options.

If this is something that is feasible for you, then the next set of questions are – “Which LMS Platform AND which eCommerce Platform?”. Taking them up individually, you have many options for both – based on technical and commercial factors. But, the recommended solution should offer seamless integration of these eCommerce and LMS platforms, through SSO, and bring in the best of both the worlds. And it becomes the primary consideration.

As a MOOC developer, as much as you like to generate or augment revenues through your own Online Learning Platform, it is also equally important that your direct and indirect costs and other overheads in developing and maintaining the Online Learning Platforms are kept under control.

We 3E will provide different eCommerce Integration Services as follows
Magento Moodle Integration
WooCommerce Moodle Integration
Magento 2 Moodle Integration

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