How To Sell Moodle Courses Online

March 27, 2018

As a Training Business, you are using Moodle. Well, you’ve already made a great decision in employing the most popular OpenSource LMS platform. Given that your business model demands that some or all of the courses offered by your Training Business be offered online, not just to your Classroom Learners, there is a big question in front of you – How to achieve this? First, It is possible? Next, which is the best option? With no deep investigation, there are 2 questions in front of you. Selling Moodle Courses online means – Just integration of Payment Gateway OR it is more to do with it? Yes, Moodle can be integrated with some Payment Gateways (subject to availability of the extensions for Payment Gateway integration), but that is merely about the Payment – nothing less and nothing more. But what really makes more sense here is augmenting the strengths of Moodle (eLearning) with the strengths of eCommerce, be able to deal the Moodle Courses as Products on eCommerce and offer all eCommerce capabilities, and thus build the best of both the sides. If the latter option is something that is convincing, the next steps is to identify the right eCommerce platform that help you out with this game. You’ve already made a choice to go with Moodle, the leading Open Source platform. Obviously it means, you know the benefits offered by the Open Source world (the community, TCO etc), and opting to go with the Open Source options for the eCommerce platform needs no explanation to you. So, what are the best Open Source eCommerce platforms?And, of these platform, what are the best options offering integration with Moodle? And, first off what do you expect from the integration in evaluating your options. Ecommerce and Moodle integration helps you frontend your Training Business with eCommerce platform, list them as Virtual Products on the eCommerce platform so that the Learners purchase the courses they need, and enroll themselves into LMS Courses upon the successful completion of the payment or any other order completion methods that you may provide. Through SSO established between eCommerce and Moodle, the Learner would later be able to directly login to Moodle LMS and access their courses, perform their assignments and do all that stuff. More customizations are possible based on your unique requirements. We 3E will provide different eCommerce Integration Services as follows Magento Moodle Integration WooCommerce Moodle Integration Magento 2 Moodle Integration [mk_contact_info title=”Contact Us” phone=”+91-7290 970 980″ email=”[email protected]”  company=”3E Software Solutions” skype=”Software3E” website=””]

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