Stash Plugin – Game Mode ON For Moodle Courses

Stash Plugin – Game Mode ON For Moodle Courses

January 29, 2018

Gamification in MoodleStash plugin. It is a step ahead process of enabling your online modules in a more attractive and engaging presence from students… Enrolling into the course content are motivated by engaging them with awards and prizes, they can earn during the course. E-Learning courses are arranged in such a way that low course completion rates occurs. The recent study proves that gamification in courses engages more students’ interactions.

However, can we gamify our Moodle course? – Yes.

In Moodle, there are many features used for gamifying courses like Activity Completion, Badges, and Conditional Access etc. This Plugin can extend the functionality of Moodle, which is not enabled in the core. In our previous posts, I had posted about Gamification in Learning Management System. Numerous plugins are available in Moodle to gamify the courses, which are present in my previous post.

Stash directory includes:
  1. Stash Block – Stash block plugin is the main plugin, which will add a list of items to your course. Students can explore the plugin by filtering out the activities.
  2. Stash Availability – This plugin is used with the main Stash block, which allows items from stash to decide the course availability.
  3. Stash Snippets Filter – Filter out a plugin to make “stash block” easier to use.
  4. How can we implement Stash in Moodle?
  5. To start with stash; firstly, we need to install Moodle v3.x

a) Install the Stash set plugin, which includes:

  1. This plugin (block_stash)
  2. The availability plugin (availability_stash)
  3. The filter plugin (filter_stash)

b) Navigate to Site Administrator > Filters and enable the ‘Stash snippets’ plugin.

c) Navigate to Site Administrator > Advanced Features and enable the conditional access – “enable-availability

d) Restore this backup file as a new course

e) Enroll a student in the new course. Login as a student and try this course.

Have you tried to gamify your Moodle course? If you are still finding difficulty in enabling gamification and customization in Moodle, try 3E Moodle Consulting Services.

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