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Subscription based courses, Sell Moodle Courses Online

July 17, 2020

As an eLearning business owner, if you have already thought of bringing in the eCommerce frontend to your LMS, it is a good leap forward. But, the game is not over yet. The game has just begun.

Very soon you would realise you would need to support, and cater to all different needs as below:

  1. Different Payment methods (Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Wallets, EMI, …)
  2. Subscription and Membership based courses (Monthly, Yearly, …)
  3. Credits based enrolment to Courses
  4. Bundling multiple courses together, or bundling courses with other educational products (Physical, Digital, …)

If Moodle is the LMS to deliver your eLearning content, you might have brought in WooCommerce Moodle integration or Magento Moodle integration to bring in eCommerce frontend to your Moodle. And now, very soon you would realize that one or more of the above stated needs kicking in. So, the plain eCommerce Moodle integration would prove to be no suffice any more.

Off the list above, #1 is generally the capability of the Payment Gateway or the Payment provider, and the availability of the requisite extension on your eCommerce platform. #2, #3 and #4 is more about the capabilities of the eCommerce platform, to some extent LMS platform, and the ability to do some requisite customizations on both the platforms.

Selling Subscription based courses in Moodle:

How to sell Subscription based courses in Moodle?  If your course structure demands that you enrol learners to Moodle Courses on a Subscription or Membership based model, it should be reflected accordingly in your eCommerce integration. Learner gets registered on Moodle and enrolled to the Course for the Subscription period, and the subscription can only be extended upon renewal by bringing in renewal payment from the eCommerce platform. Just imagine how it makes the life of the eLearning business owner easier, and make things work for both the sides.

Purchasing Moodle Courses with Credits and not direct Payment:

How to use Credits to purchase Moodle Courses? This is no different than purchasing any eCommerce products with the credits one got in her account. She could directly buy the credits that may be used to purchase the Moodle Courses, or get the Credits in her account through any other promotional offers. It’s all similar to how credit based payment works in eCommerce. There could be many reasons for implementing Course Purchase with Credits (along with direct payments or only Credits) – Financial or Operational.

Selling Moodle Courses as Bundle

How to sell Moodle Courses as a Bundle? As eLearning content provider, you may have your own reasons why you want to bundle multiple courses together (may be promotional or it could be that the individual courses make sense only when they are done together). In addition, you may choose to offer a discounted price for Moodle courses in a bundle. Whatever the reason could be, when selling courses in general as a Bundle or a Package by a Training institution is a norm and not uncommon, the similar should be the case for the online learning. So, the same should be the case for bundling one or more courses with other physical or digital products. So, whatever can be accomplished without eCommerce in the picture should be accomplished with the LMS eCommerce integration as well.

The list and examples stated here are meant to give a very high-level idea about what is involved in Moodle eCommerce integration at its full length and there could be many more additional considerations. Overall, the eCommerce Moodle integration is said to be comprehensive and complete only when the solution lets you do what you could do otherwise without such solution. The solution should let you do things better, faster and with added reliability.

The integration of Moodle with WooCommerce OR the integration of Moodle and Magento2 comes in handy for the eLearning content owners to do more with their eLearning content, and to make more money with their eLearning content. And, why not if that is possible? The eCommerce Moodle integration enables the eLearning content owner sell their Moodle Courses online to individual Learners and as well as Businesses with the support of Bulk Purchases.

If you think WooCommerce Moodle integration is the right option to bring in the eCommerce frontend to your Moodle installation, check out WooCommerce Moodle Integration solution from 3E Software Solutions here – WooCommerce Moodle Integration from 3E Software SolutionsIf you think Magento2 Moodle integration is the right option to bring in the eCommerce frontend to your Moodle installation, check out Magento 2 Moodle Integration solution from 3E Software Solutions here – Magento 2 Moodle Integration from 3E Software Solutions

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