Sell eLearning Courses on your Website


March 29, 2018

Selling eLearning courses You have learned that your eLearning courses can do more for you. You are thinking of acquiring online learners. Not sure of the options that you have? If you are running a Training business, the most common scenario is that you list all the courses that you offer, on your Website and seek the visitors to Contact through your Website. Thereafter it is all that usual cycle about convincing them of your Courses and handle all those steps necessary to sign them up by making payment, which is off the website. The edge of eLearning over Conventional Learning is Repeatability and Scalability. If you would like to tap on this and take your offerings to the next level, there are options for selling eLearning courses online through the Integration of eLearning and eCommerce systems. It is about letting your platform handle all eCommerce stuff for you (not just the payment part), and your eLearning/LMS platform handle the Course delivery, enabling you with a wide range of Administrative, Functional and Reporting capabilities. It is again a choice, how you would like to offer the courses – it is a pure online learning or blended learning, and all these things are again under your control, not requiring you to deal with all that spreadsheet kind of stuff for scheduling, enrolling etc. Given that your Training Courses and eLearning material have got the real stuff, the true power of eCommerce and LMS platforms and their integration empower derive exponential benefits out of the game, through better Learner Acquisition and Retention possibilities We 3E will provide different eCommerce Integration Services as follows Magento Moodle Integration WooCommerce Moodle Integration Magento 2 Moodle Integration

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