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TinCan xAPI

March 14, 2018

One of the most famous sayings is – “What is the use of doing anything if you cannot measure it’s effectiveness”.

Educationis the department which is growing exponentially. Today, the Internet has become a vast source of knowledge, which is categorized in the manner that any source of knowledge is easily available with least time consumptions. Learning Management System – is the platform which helps in categorizing information accordingly with less effort and time consumption. Previously, SCORM dominated the market of eLearning for a very long run. Now in the present scenario, TinCan API/Experience API came into action.

What edged the SCORM interface and why TinCan API/xAPI became a dominant player?

Let us roll out our time machine back to 2008, Social Media networks were breaking their dormancy phase. By that time, there was no bond in between the SCORM and social networks, which made it outrun the market coz;

  1. Lack of online discussion forums and communities for learners.
  2. Search Engine tools were providing information, benefitted from the self-directed learning.
  3. Share option button in social networks enhanced the pace of learning.
  4. Content deliverables and sharing can be done only on a single device, which was a minus sign of SCORM interfaces.

TinCan API/xAPI is the next generation of SCORM – an application for eLearning, developed by Rustici Software. Content and System, both chats with each other in the way that records and tracks all type of learning experiences in the Learning Record Store (LRS). Different features of TinCan API/xAPI which prove the dominance over SCORM:

  1. Contents are shared outside of LMS – Now, creator of the content don’t need to upload the courses into LMS and do the content updating. E-learning can be taken outside of the LMS, through the use of mobile devices. Ex: For research purpose, a student is asked to find a specific plant in the park, take the snapshots, and send the results to their supervisors. This feature takes e-learning to the next-level, where mobile devices served as a platform for training and education.
  2. Mobile learning a.k.a. mLearning – Presently, Android and iOS devices are the market-player. TinCan API provides features to share the content in the LMS applications installed on these platforms. Ex: Files can be shared automatically on the cloud servers which are accessed from any devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops).
  3. Security over OAuth: OAuth helps in sharing your profile summary with other websites without giving them the password of your account. Ex: Quick sign up a process with Facebook /Google accounts, ask for permission to access your profile information for age proof and other login details. TinCan API does have such feature which helps a new user to log in.
  4. The transition from platform-to-platform: TinCan API interface is designed in such a manner that it can crosstalk between two platforms at the same time, such as a work started on PC can be continued further on Kindle. This flexibility lets the limited boundary of SCORM get surpassed.
  5. Database update: The interface stores all the activity logs in the Learning Record Stores (LRS). This database will provide a working footprint of the activity done in the LMS system, which will be helpful in backtracking and making changes for analytics propose.
  6. Gaming & Simulations: If the learning process is like a game, it makes the learning more fun. TinCan/xAPI provide features of performing live activities, solving puzzles etc. so that user does not find the LMS platform boring.

To provide a robust model of the TinCan/xAPI, you must take a look at user experiences and work in terms of multiple lenses, providing a robust model of the LMS platform. Since TinCan API/xAPI is making a user footprint and storing it in the Learning Record Store (LRS). Both LRS and LMS platform must be merged into a single system so that analysis of track records would become more promiscuous.

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