Top 6 Moodle Authentication Plugins

Moodle Authentication Plugins

April 2, 2018

Moodle the platform is famous due to open-source and easy customization. No other LMSs offers such a broad spectrum of your course customization and user experiences than Moodle itself. Authentication of a user in Moodle is performed by many ways; here is a list of 6 Moodle Authentication plugins:

1.SAML2 Single Sign ON
SAML2 SSO plugin is fast, simple, and secure.
– Feature includes dual login, automatic certificate creation, optionally auto-create users, etc.

2. User Key Authentication
      One-time login credentials required for login to Moodle. After that plugin helps in SSO between moodle and external web app.

User key authentication

3.LDAP Server sync
This plugin supports LDAP synchronization tasks and LDAP authentication.

LDAP server sync

4.OpenID Connect
– Provides SSO functionality where setting can be changed in identity providers.
– Used as an Office 365 Suite plugins to connect Azure Active Directory.


5.Anti hammering / Login Blocker
Plugin is configured to detect the DOS attack by IP hammering.

Dos attack

Provides SSO function using OAuth2 providers.
– A new account is created for the first time in Moodle, after that, you can login using OAuth2 plugins for other identity providers.


Above Top 6 Moodle Authentication Plugins

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